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That Face More Of Johnny Carrera MuscleHunks!

April 28th, 2015|

That Face More Of Johnny Carrera!

A MuscleHunks Exclusive! 


Handsome LMS Player Johnny Carrera has impressed his MH.com fans so much that we asked him to come back for more muscle play. This time we put handyman Johnny through his carpentry paces, we found he was a little better at cutting wood than he was at painting (Johnny prefers power tools, you see, to a dabbling little paint brush or washing cars). And, as before, we found it wasn't long before hot and horny Johnny decided to strip down and give us a show. All you really gotta do with muscular, handsome, hung Johnny Carrera is point him towards the job and turn the camera on!



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Francesco D Macho And lucio Saints In Addicted!

April 25th, 2015|


Francesco D'Macho, Lucio Saints, Tomy Hawkz!




Lucio Saints and Tomy Hawk  are too horny to close the curtain, giving voyeur Francesco D’Macho a chance to jack off the way that makes him hardest: watching hot guys fuck. His cellphone records the bulges and spreading wet spots in their shorts, so he can watch again on the train ride home. Lucio and Tomy have matching smooth torsos, 5 o’clock shadows, firm bums and pumped pecs, and Lucio has a defined tan line. He crushes his lips against Tomy’s, then he crushes them against Tomy’s cock, as if sucking the cum out. When it’s Tomy’s turn to give head, Lucio’s cock nearly doubles in size from the suction of his human vacuum pump. Topping and bottoming are shared in this exciting exchange. Tomy’s body is so hard, the only flesh that moves when he’s pounded is his dick. Lucio jumps aboard that dick for a quick ride, then resumes fucking Tomy. So it goes: flip and flop, two asses in perpetual motion.

 Lucio and Tomy face-fuck Francesco until they cum in his mouth and on his hairy chest, as he squirts massively onto the floor.

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Jesse Santana And Dylan Hyde Need It Bad!

April 24th, 2015|

Jesse Santana and Dylan Hyde in 'Need It Bad'


Tall, lean,newcomer Dylan Hyde worked hard for a year to get on the Hard Friction set. His persistence was rewarded with a hot hookup with muscle stud, Jesse Santana. These two men are obviously very into each other as the stand naked, kissing and stroking each others thick, heavy cocks before they get into some mutual oral action. Jesse lays back and Dylan climbs up on him to ride his throbbing cock in reverse cowboy.The horny studs stare intently at each other as they alternate between waves of riding cock and pounding ass.

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Boss Top Rafael Alencar Plows Dirk Caber Deep!

April 23rd, 2015|

Boss Top Rafael Alencar Plows Dirk Caber Deep

At LucasEntertainment.com


Dirk Caber is a powerful executive running his own business, but in his private life he's only happy if he's getting slapped around and fucked by someone more powerful than him. The answer to his needs is the suited hunk Rafael Alencar, who visits Dirk's office and smacks the bearded stud, showing him who the true boss is. Rafael treats the hot guy like a bitch before unzipping his pants and….


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Gym Newbie Gets Nasty Workout At Zebs Gym!

April 23rd, 2015|

Gym Newbie Gets Nasty Workout At Zebs Gym!

At ZebAtlas.com!

A gym newbie client was at Zeb's gym and he's excited to workout. But before he started, Zeb gave him some tips and showed him how he could get these big arms. He got turned on and started to kiss and caress big Zeb. Yep, next thing they made out and Zeb fucked his curvy ass.

  Drench Yourself In The World Of Zeb Atlas!

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Boy Been Bad At MENATPLAY!

April 23rd, 2015|

Boy Been Bad

Tomas Brand, Dirk Caber And Darius Ferdinand



Boy Been Bad, sees sexy young college boy Darius called in to the Principles office over some very serious allegations of spying on professor Tomas Brand while in the shower ( who wouldn’t! ) Not only that Darius has been taking pics of the Swedish hunk naked in the shower and posting them all around the campus much to the embarrassment of his tutor. Principal Dirk Caber’s suggestion is that Darius has a thing for his tutor and to teach him a lesson he goads Darius in to making physical contact with Tomas. When we say physical we mean, making him suck Tomas’ huge thick cock. That is what he wanted after all right? To further the humiliation Darius is asked to strip naked in front of his professors and continue to fulfill his fantasies. And as leverage Dirk Caber photographs Darius as he goes down on Tomas before joining in himself. The two tutors play with their young college stud getting off on his tight ripped body , spit roasting him, and taking their turns over and over to fuck his sexy tight ass. Darius far from being humiliated or taught a lesson seems to be enjoying the attention and eagerly awaits the cum shower over his face from his horny muscled teachers. Now if Id had lessons like that at college Id have enjoyed education a whole lot more.

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Breaking In The New Pledge Fraternizing NDB!

April 12th, 2015|

 Breaking In The New Pledge

Tex Ranger, Dante Martin & James Shields

A NextDoorBuddy Exclusive Society!


Tex Ranger knows that college life can suck if you don't get into the right frat. What he doesn't realize is that getting into the right frat is probably going to suck too. Or, at least, it's gonna require some sucking. For Dante Martin and James Shields, there's nothing they like better than rushing a new pledge, and for good reason. As Tex pleads his case to join, the guys are really only interested in one qualification, and so they invite Tex to have a seat on the sofa. Once seated, the guys strip Tex out of his clothes, taking turns sucking him off. Dante bends Tex over and begins to finger his ass as Tex bobs up and down on James' stiff cock. Ready to show he's a true team player, Tex takes Dante's cock all the way to the shaft, as Dante pounds him from behind while James continues to fuck his mouth. Then the guys switch and it's James bending Tex over the side of the sofa, pounding away as Tex strokes himself off, as they all lose their loads in a sweaty afternoon exhibition. 'College is gonna be great,' Tex thinks, wiping the jizz off his chest.

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John Pruitt Part II COLT Icon Series No Equals!

April 3rd, 2015|

John Pruitt Part II COLT Icon Series

No Equals!



From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and its COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.

Even among the upper echelon of COLT Men there is no one quite like COLT Icon John Pruitt.  With blue piercing eyes, a furry chest and that statuesque physique that every man dreams of, we simply point the COLT cameras in his direct and his magnificent, perfectly sculpted body speaks for itself.   Whether he is hard at work, hard at play or enjoying a moment’s rest, admiring Mr. Pruitt’s rock-hard body is like admiring a work of art.  Enjoy these rarely seen images of the iconic COLT Man John Pruitt in all his muscle-bound glory.

John Pruitt Legendary Body

"Legendary Bodies" contains ten COLT legends, featuring over 2 1/2 hours of COLT’s most impressive champion muscle studs. The Legendary Bodies Series was developed by Rip COLT himself for the true blue fan and aficionado of all the world’s pinnacle men – COLT Men. The Legendary Bodies series contains nudity, erotic posing and muscle worship. Does not contain hardcore material.

Featuring John Pruitt, Kyle Jessup, Reggie Graham, Cal Sinclair, Owen Moore, Carl Hardwick, Erik King, Scott Sloan, Doug Perry, and Franco Corelli.

As an additional feature, this DVD contains a handsome 50-image slideshow featuring high-resolution images from past COLT Calendars.

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Super Hung Kayden Gray Topped By Gio Cruz!!

March 28th, 2015|


Kayden Gray & Gio Cruz



Kayden Gray is new to the office and doesn’t know many people yet, so he’s been taking his lunches alone. This works out to his benefit, because it gives Gio Cruz plenty of opportunity to check out the fresh meat and entice him away for a passionate hook-up. And that’s exactly what happens: Kayden is seduced by Gio, who takes charge of the bottom after he him into a private area he uses to fuck his men. Kayden works on Gio’s hard Latin cock long and hard before puckering his beautiful little hole for a fucking, and Gio doesn’t disappoint. Kayden moans with each thrust and flips his positions around to feel Gio’s fat cock all kinds of ways. The best part is watching Kayden’s cock flop until it shoots every last drop of cum!

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Brady Jensen Takes On Kevin Crows!

March 28th, 2015|


Brady Jensen Meets Kevin Crows

At Cocksuremen


Blond, blue-eyed mega-hunk Brady Jensen is sitting up in bed, looking at photos on his iPad, remembering a day of naked fun on the beach with his ripped boyfriend Kevin Crows (who just happens to be sound asleep right next to him). Not for long. Brady wakes him up gently and looking at the photos together, they decide to re-enact the sun-soaked fuck they had that day. Starting with a soft kiss, the two impossibly handsome guys are quickly all over each other, touching, kissing passionately and sucking each other’s big dicks until Kevin slides his rock-hard cock into Brady’s waiting hole, first on his side, then from behind, finally laying Brady down on his back and slamming him hard until they're both covered in cum. Kevin leans forward and kisses Brady, both satisfied that their “re-make” was just as good as the original.

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