Alexandro South American Hunk At ChaosMen!

Alexandro is all the way from South America. Surprisingly his English is very good for someone who learned it later in life. Only a slight accent, but I did notice a few phrases he didn’t understand, but yet had a lot of current slang down.   The obvious thing is, he is one giant slab of Latin Beef! Grade A with a giant uncut cock. It’s huge! It totally gives Hagan a run for the money in length, but it is way fatter!

His body is massive too. I felt like a little pixie next to him. But we think Alexandro is a gentle giant. Very engaging, fun to talk with, an all-around amiable type of guy.  He is almost 30, and to be honest, it was a little refreshing talking to a more mature guy. Hold tight (with both hands!) and let’s see where this one goes!  We bet he’ll be back! 

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CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

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