Brandon Christian – Big, Beautiful And Black


Randy got some photos in an email from a handsome guy named Brandon Christian that totally caught his eye. He had flawless dark skin, beautiful brown eyes and a body to die for.  We’re sure you guys know what it’s like to see one or two cell phone snapshots of a guy and while you can tell he is something special, you never know exactly until you see him in person. This was one of those times. Randy knew he wanted to see more so they made an appointment for him to come in. A few nights later Randy was out at a local club with some friends when he saw this gorgeous guy dancing on stage. He made my jaw hit the floor. He kept smiling at me, more than the other guys, and I was thinking we were making a bit of a connection. After he was done Randy waited around to meet him. He walked up to me, shook my hand and warmly introduced himself. ‘You’re Randy, right? Did you like my pictures? I’m Brandon… Brandon Christian’. Well, so much for hooking up.  We are pleased to share him with you guys!

 Take the Blue tour


 Take the Blue tour

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