Can You Tell Amos Is A Marine

I can spot a Marine from miles away. It doesn’t matter if they are stationed on the west coast or the east coast, there’s just something about the way they move and behave. The few and the proud all the way. Their pride, training and discipline is evident — just look take a look at Amos.

“Do you have a crazy social life or are you kind of a home body?” “I go out, hang out at the bars and stuff,” he responded. “ I don’t drink, but I like to party.” “Do you consider yourself a little bit of a playboy?”So I had him show his stuff. His body is muscled all the way down to his toes! Every move he made triggered a flex. He’s been and placed in a few body building competitions. The great thing was that he was humble about it but aware that his efforts were appreciated. It turned him on… which I definitely appreciated. He had a boner popping through his shorts and he was ready to go! His smile and confidence lit up. “I like to show off.”

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