Dallas Evans Sexy College Muscle Hammers It

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Dallas Evans is one hot and horny stud. His sexy college muscle body and handsome face have been the inspiration for tons of jizz soaked underwear and soiled gym socks. Equally as hot, Travis James is the kind of guy you could take home to Daddy. If your daddy is a beefy muscle hunk named Brutus and you guys were into threesomes. Together the untamed sexual energy of these two horndogs is enough to drive any man wild. Dallas doesn’t just give Travis a blowjob, he works that cock with his whole mouth, taking it all the way down and massaging the shaft with his tongue and throat muscles. And you know that would only go so far until Travis has to go down on Dallas himself. And that’s all it takes for Dallas to flip Travis over and start ramming that dripping hard on of his deep into Travis’ inviting asshole. Dallas fucks Travis like he’s the last piece of ass for the next 300 miles and he’s all about stocking up for the long trip a! head and Travis is more than happy to let Dallas hammer his hot horny hole.


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