Introducing Cain At! 

As Pete tells Cain at the outset of their interview, "I think you’ll be pretty popular on the site!". We’d have to agree with Pete! Cain has a great personality, a handsome face, and a hot body – all factors that make him a great addition to CF!  Cain has a winning smile that you’ll see quite a lot of, as he readily breaks out in to it as often as he can. He’s an upbeat, fun-loving guy and despite being young when he first joined  CF, was comfortable and ready to have himself some fun!

Cain admits to liking older women, and even has quite the incredible story to tell involving a teacher of his and some fun they had together! They continued to get together for a few months after the first time, and that’s only one example of the fun he’s gotten in to! When Pete asks him if he’s ever had a threesome, Cain reveals he has – and has even had a foursome, as well! We guess with that hot face and body, he’s had no problems getting in to trouble and having himself some fun whenever he wants!

His chest and arms are particularly impressive, and he spends a whole lot of time working on both of them in the gym. As he peels of his shirt, we see a couple great pecs, nicely defined abs, buff arms, and an all-around great upper body! As the pants come off, we see his defined legs (those thighs look great, in particular!). He even warns us that we’ll likely be pleased with his ass, and that’s certainly the case as he pulls down those boxerbriefs! All the girls that have complimented his ass were right!

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 Take the XXX tour now

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