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Dominic Portland is from the West Coast. This thick slice of heaven started early and had his cherry taken in the 6th grade. He was 13 when an older High School girl got a hold of him, got him drunk and high, took him back to her place and had her way with him. They did everything. “It was great, I still remember it and it’s been a long time” he grins. He loves to go to Vegas where he’s had some of his most memorable experiences. He loves to pick up lesbians and be the meat in their sandwich. One sitting on his face, the other on his dick and then they switch or work him together. He loves 3 ways but he admits his ultimate fantasy would involve another girl. “Two is better than one and three is better than two. Anything more than 3 would be too much” As pick up lines go, Dominic doesn’t use any. Eye contact is his secret weapon. He finds once you make that visual connection it will dictate the rest. He’s an ass man and loves a big round booty. He loves finding girls that let him tap their ass. Since he’s on the thick side, many girls can’t take him for very long; but the ones who do are amazing. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “You can’t have a girl do a man’s job!” 

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