Introducing Handsome Ash Taylor At RandyBlue!

Ash Taylor has such a handsome look about him. That smile of his could brighten anyone’s day and his sexy smooth body is gonna have all the horny college guys banging down his door. He would almost be too adorable but his buzzcut and facial scruff gives him just enough of an edge that he doesn’t come off as too sugary sweet. He’s an LA guy through and through and his friendly demeanor and laid back attitude prove it. He’s done some modeling before but this is his first experience with gay porn. And after seeing his first video you can tell he would be perfect getting his rocks off with some gay jock sex or a getting plowed in a three way orgy. Even if he’s never done gay porn before you get the feeling he’s watched a lot of it because he knew exactly how to work his body so you guys get an excellent show. He teases his hungry hole with his finger and strokes his thick meaty cock, letting lose a string of guttural moans that w! ill get you so hot you’ll have a hard time keeping quiet yourself. And finally, with a final few grunts he shoots his thick creamy load all over his chest.  Oh and yes Ash is Gay!  So sweet! 

Good luck pretty boy along your way!

CLICK HERE to take the XXX tour

CLICK HERE to take the XXX tour

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