Patrik And Alex Marte In The Gambler

Menatplay Exclusives Patrik & Alex Marte face each other offer in a 'winner takes all' game of Poker. On one side we have long-standing favourite Patrik, and on the other we have the hot new comer Alex who threatens to steal the title of the Big MAP Man. But it becomes clear that experience has its advantages as Patrik wins the first few hands, stripping Alex of all his chips and money. However with the stakes so high Alex refuses to give up so easily, but exactly how far is he willing to go? Patrik's next hand wins him Alex's watch, followed by his shirt… and finally his trousers, until the Italian muscle hunk is stripped down to his underwear. But Patrik is still not satisfied and goes one final hand to win the ultimate reward… his rival's muscular ass and the right to do whatever he desires with it.

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