This Guy Joshua Is Hot At!

Joshua is into fitness, health, and working out programs. If you note the date of this shoot, it was a couple days before Christmas. Bryan had been waiting for Joshua to grow back his pubes. They were completely shaved, so when he contacted him to see how they were coming back, he said pretty good and asked if there was anyway he could get in so he could have money for the holidays. He really had only been growing the hair back for a week or two, so actually he did pretty good given the short time frame.

Joshua is trying to start a new business, and, of course, has family to take care of. He was just a REALLY nice guy. Very social, bright, and an all-around "on-the-ball" type of guy. Ok, so the tats on his stomach are a bit much, but I dunno, he works it pretty good and perhaps he will be back for more with more pubes.

We’ll see. He thought he had to be gay to even be on this site and was worried about what he was supposed to say during the interview. He was relieved he could be honest.   He was even more surprised when Bryan told him most of the guys are straight. It got him thinking he could increase his cash flow lol.   He sure is fine-looking dude!  Enjoy!

 CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour


CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour

CLICK Here to take the XXX Chaos tour


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