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Some men are big. Some are huge. PowerMens’ Ben Johnson is a mountain. A man mountain. You approach this massive slab of beef the way you would Everest. Pack some supplies, hire a Sherpa and begin the ascent. Featured in Dynamite’s DVD “The Hung and the Restless,” This is the big guy, the lumberjack, the construction worker, the truck driver. We’re talking about 215 pounds of solid muscle packed onto his 5-feet, 10-inch frame. A 48-inch chest. 28-inch thighs. Huge glutes of steel.

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Ben wants you to see just how huge he is—all of his body parts. That means talking off those street clothes, posing, flexing; talking those big, rough hands and touching himself all over. He may be a big, tough guy, but he’s smart enough to know just how to make you want it. When Ben poses for you, you can feel the sinew of each muscle. He’s so huge you can’t believe it. But he’s real, all right, and he knows just how to make you want him so badly you could explode. Don’t worry. This guy can take care of you. He’s built for hard-driving action. See Ben also, at

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