Str8 Cage Fighter Jamie Blond, Hung, Uncut


Str8 Cage Fighter Jamie Blond, Hung, Uncut 

At EnglishLads

Jamie is very fit bodied young lad who kick boxes and does some cage fighting and so is always training down the gym and running to keep his body in tip top condition. He is tall and lean and this blond lad hardly has a hair on his body.


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Thick Hung Jaxton Wheeler Grinds Jaxon Colt At RS!

Thick Hung Jaxton Wheeler & Jaxon Colt

Ass To Grind


Jaxton Wheeler is an overwhelming column of muscle. His hair hangs in thick ebony curls, a heavy beard encircles his face, and thick, dark fur covers much of his body. Blond, tattooed Jaxon Colt watches, licking his lips in anticipation. Colt is already naked; Wheeler massages his hard on through a towel. Colt approaches to massage Wheeler's still-flexing muscles. They kiss. Colt's hard cock is long and heavy as he presses his lips to Wheeler's nipples. Wheeler drops his towel and pushes Colt's head down. Lying down on a table, Colt spreads his legs and offers himself to Wheeler's cock. Wheeler caresses Colt's flesh, then leans over to suck. Colt's breath comes in gasps, and he eagerly lowers himself onto Wheeler's waiting pole. Their intense fucking drives Wheeler's cock further and further inside Colt, until they can't stop themselves from unleashing huge loads.

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Barry Banger Tools Of A Bouncer At PowerMen


Barry Banger Tools Of A Bouncer




   It’s Hotter Than Ever!  

Barry Banger

Barry Bangor just found a job as a bouncer in Chicago after he was laid off as a construction worker. The new job allows to find more time to hit the gym for bodybuilding and Mixed Martial Arts. Being a little low on cash, Barry is looking for new opportunities to highlight his talents. He came to our studio for a test shoot, but he did not waste much time to get down and dirty. As Barry says "I know what they really want, and I can give it to them, as long as they can handle it …" Are you ready?


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Jim Borkovec Czech BodyBuilding Sensation!

Jim Borkovec Czech BodyBuilding Sensation!

Czech Republic

Jiri Borkovec, 22 years old, competed since he was a teenager. Jiri Borkovec was the Teenage Champion and the Junior Champion of the Czech Republic. He also won several international titles in federations like Musclemania and NABBA. We photographed Jiri first in Prague where he exceeded all our expectations; we followed up quickly with a Miami shoot, where he exceeded even his condition in the first shoot. Jiri is a true muscle performer with a physique to respect. 

 Here's hoping he moves on over to LiveMuscleShow.. Yum!

What Exactly Is 

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world.  

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Rock Hard First Timer Aiden Tripps At ExtraBigDicks!

Rock Hard First Timer Aiden Tripps!


First time for everything and today is Aiden Tripp's turn at This Orlando boy is packing. Aiden's cock is rock hard as he uses both hands to fist his fat 8" cock. "I wanna cum inside you so bad" he groans as he stares at all the hot whore action on the screen. Aiden is transfixed with the action on screen as he double-fistshis fat dick. Aiden then sits back on the floor and spreads those thick thighs to work on his thick dick. "I wanna fuck you so bad and cum inside you, you dirty little whore" he moans as he strokes his throbbing dick. Any takers? (…you know who you are!) Aiden then decides to show off that ass we can't have as he bends over and starts to dry hump the chaise leaving his milky ass and furry hole up in the air for us to dream about. He then gets up on his knees and tugs on his cock still showing off that hairy hole. All this teasing has Aiden's fat dick ready to blow. "I'm cummin" he groans as he works his aching cock!

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PACK ATTACK 6 MARC DYLAN Gangbanded Hothouse!

Pack Attack: Marc Dylan Scene 1


Kris Anderson, Marc Dylan, Jimmy Durano,

Brian Bonds & Spencer Fox


Marc Dylan starts off his gangbang blindfolded. He has no idea who the guys are as they file in one at a time to smack his ass and shove their crotches in his face. When he takes off his mask he's happy to see four of his favorite big-dicked studs: Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Spencer Fox, and Kris Anderson. Dylan works his way around the pack giving each cock a juicy welcome. He starts with Bonds, a young redhead with a rock hard cock. Next he moves over to Durano's thick Latin meat, followed by all-American Spencer Fox and his 8-inch battering ram. Finally Dylan reveals Anderson's mammoth cock, a whopping 9×6 mouthwatering prize. Dylan proves he's the right man for the job, sometimes even taking two of the huge dicks in his mouth at once… a real cock-sucker's dream!

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Luigi Is 100 Percent Prime Italian Beef At LucasKazan!

Luigi Is 100 Percent Prime Italian Beef




100% Italian beef. No doubt Luigi is the epitome of the Southern Italian male: curly hair, seductive hazelnut eyes, and a statuesque body to boot. I couldn't get enough of his six pack, but a curved-up dick and a furry ass crack (for a change) are no less delicious. Rest assured you'll see more of this Sicilian hunk, and doing MORE, it's just a matter of time…

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This Guy Joshua Is Hot At!

This Guy Joshua Is Hot


Joshua is into fitness, health, and working out programs. If you note the date of this shoot, it was a couple days before Christmas. Bryan had been waiting for Joshua to grow back his pubes. They were completely shaved, so when he contacted him to see how they were coming back, he said pretty good and asked if there was anyway he could get in so he could have money for the holidays. He really had only been growing the hair back for a week or two, so actually he did pretty good given the short time frame.

Joshua is trying to start a new business, and, of course, has family to take care of. He was just a REALLY nice guy. Very social, bright, and an all-around "on-the-ball" type of guy. Ok, so the tats on his stomach are a bit much, but I dunno, he works it pretty good and perhaps he will be back for more with more pubes.

We'll see. He thought he had to be gay to even be on this site and was worried about what he was supposed to say during the interview. He was relieved he could be honest.   He was even more surprised when Bryan told him most of the guys are straight. It got him thinking he could increase his cash flow lol.   He sure is fine-looking dude!  Enjoy!


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Ron Bailey Swedish Bombshell Encore On BentleyRace!


  Ron Bailey Swedish Bombshell Encore!



 Zac is totally in love with this fresh faced long haired big dicked pretty boy from Sweden. The boys met during our extended stay over in Thailand. Ron Bailey was in Thailand for a modelling competition and Zac and I were finishing up a vacation with our families.   Ron had been partying each night at the bars in Bangkok and admitted being a bit hungover. But he looked great! Ron guy has got a beautiful smooth body, a gorgeous round bum, and a huge uncut cock that grows in to quite a big monster. Zac tells us they had fun shooting his photos and video. Lucky Ron stops to suck on Zac's cock during the video before lying back and blowing quite a lot of cum all over himself. What a great way to spend an afternoon in Bangkok!


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Mick Lovell Takes It Hard From Johnny Bloom!!

Mick Lovell Takes It Hard From Johnny Bloom

Only At 

Sizzling Hot!

Mick Lovell is simply one of the most popular porn actors of all time.  Today we have him in action with Johnny Bloom. With a cock the size of Mick’s, he gets quite used to being asked to top the eager boys, and bottom for those that are a little afraid of his size.  Johnny certainly isn’t afraid of a big dick, but anyhow he gets to top Mick in this exclusive update on

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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