Harper, Six Two 205 lbs of Greek God At FratmanTV!

Harper, Six Two 205 lbs of Greek God!

At All New Fratmen.TV

All his life, people have found Fratmen Harper to be a shy, mystical diamond in the dirt. Presently standing 6'2 and weighing 205 pounds, Fratmen Harper, blessed with a body of a Greek god, leaves his reputation behind in a showcase of his extraordinary physique. Harper presents a careless confidence in an relaxing spa jerk session. Slowly and surely he moves toward an intense climatic moment during sunset, in what seems like the fantasy of a lifetime.


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Hot Big Dicked Daddy Dennis At SeanCody !


Hot Young Big Dicked Dennis


At SeanCody.com



Hot daddy! OK, so Dennis is only 30, and that's a little young to be considered a "daddy." But he's just so nice and sweet and calm, and he has a very "wise" way about him. We liked him the minute we met him. He just has one of those personalities. Dennis currently lives in the midwest and has been there for about ten years. But he was born and raised in the south. He's lost his accent, but his roots are very apparent. Sean took him out to dinner the evening he arrived. They went to a seafood restaurant and he ordered Texas red fish with fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, and rock shrimp! His career path has led him down some interesting roads: "When I got out of high school I went into the Air Force," he said. "I did exercise physiology." After that he did a stint as an accountant at his father's (high-end) motorcycle dealership, and then he found his true love: being a motorcycle mechanic.   He seemed very open-minded to me, and had an interesting comment when I asked him about:  "I am Ronald Reagan conservative from the neck up," he said, laughing. "From the neck down, well, that's another story."He says he's straight, but likes to try new things. Awesome! He told us he's watched gay porn and actually enjoyed it, especially when it was in the company of his girlfriend."It gave her ideas," he said.

One of those ideas: an 8-inch strap-on which she used to fuck him."It hurt at first," he said. "But then it felt really good!"


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Sweedish Model Ron Bailey Smooth Hung And Horny!


Sweedish Model Ron Bailey Smooth Hung And Horny!

 At BentleyRace.com


Just back from their Thailand adventure, swimming and checking out the Thai culture Zac and the guys spent some time meeting up with some other tourists. Thailand always attracts party boys from all over the world. Zac met up with this hot Swedish spunkRon Bailey. Ron is a model and was in Bangkok competing in a model competition. Zac had been chatting with him online and talked him in to coming round to the hotel to spend the afternoon modelling for him, preferably naked!

Ron says he loves the Bangkok nightlife and checking out all the crazy clubs. The day of the shoot Ron was feeling very horny and couldn't wait to put on a show for Zac. The photo shoot went very well with Ron stripping down to just his Cons and popping a huge boner. Ron's beautiful rocket shaped cock looks amazing once it's at full mast. But make sure you check out that perfect little round white bum as well. Ron is totally hot! We watched the video the boys made and we can see that Zac joined in a little on the action too, letting Ron suck his cock part way through the scene. This is a great scene!

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Christian Ray Hung Cubanito And Chase Lyon

Christian Ray, Hung Cubanito Tops Chase Lyon

On ExtraBigDicks.com

Christian Ray is back on ExtraBigDicks.com. A hot, hung Cubanito. Christian is back to help us welcome Chase Lyon. They sit back admiring each others jeans as Christian comments on the hole in Chase’s. He slips his hand inside the large hole in his pant leg as his hand discovers Chase’s growing cock. They start to make out as they slowly strip off their clothes. Chase stands as Christian starts to suck on that thick 8” cock.  “You wanna fuck me?” teases Christian which is all the invitation Chase needs. He gets Christian on all four before sliding his thick cock inside. As they near climax they lie side by side and unload their massive loads all over themselves.  


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On The Ranch Rafael Alencar Plows Collin West!

On The Ranch Rafael Alencar Plows Collin West!

At Ragingstallion.com


Rafael Alencar is working on a ranch when tattooed beautyColin West enters to give his friend's monster cock some attention. Not content to pushing his throat beyond its boundaries, soon Rafael's big tool is buried up Colin's hot ass as well.

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Raging Stallion

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 Xtra Inches 

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Scandal In The Vatican Trevor Yates And Jack Harrer!

Scandal In The Vatican – Trevor Yates & Jack Harrer

Only At BelamiOnline.com


Scandal In The Vatican – Trevor Yates & Jack Harrer


Scandal in the Vatican feature continues today, after Jack Harrer draws the long straw and wins the prize of who is going to get fucked by Trevor Yates. The rest of the Kinky Angels scamper away to go in search of their own scandal while Trevor and Jack get down to action themselves. Jack so enjoys this experience he cums 3 times while being fucked by Trevor. See what all the SCANDAL is about at BelAmiOnline.com! 


You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Beautiful Micah Meyers On MuscleGallery!

Beautiful Micah Meyers 

On MuscleGallery.com!

Long Island resident Micah Meyers is one of the few MuscleGallery models whom we literally met on the street (Miami Beach’s Ocean Drive in his case). He is not our biggest bodybuilder, but one of the most requested. We flew him twice to Miami. His presence is simply breathtaking—as is his symmetry and definition. Enjoy!

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   What Is MuscleGallery.com

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others,MG.com travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world. MuscleGallery.com doesn’t sign just any athlete; only the best are good enough. MG’s members can enjoy an enormous library of original and unique video clips in all formats and spectacular image galleries.

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Jacek With Sweet Polish Sausage At ChaosMen!

Jacek With A Very Nice Polish Sausage

On Chaosmen.com

Jacek moved to the U.S. from Poland when he was 9-years-old. Not an accent on him, but he sure has the stereotypical big Polish sausage on him! Actually the big unit on him was kind of a surprise as it just kept getting bigger and bigger as the shoot went on. His submitted pics didn't seem so…well…endowed!

Jacek jacks-off a couple times a day, and even enjoys semi-public sex. A very sexual guy. He struggled a bit to stay hard during the shoot, which kind of surprised him.  Like a pervy old man, Bryan kinda told him he was jerking off all wrong. Between takes Bryan demonstrated a few techniques and he was all, "I had no idea!" Kind of surprising given that he gets lot of attention from the ladies- since they want to go all piggy on his big cock?

Bryan had planted an idea in his head after the jerk-off demo. He suddenly thought that he was not going to get-off on his own, so if you like behind the scenes OutTakes and want to know what REALLY happened- then stay-tuned to the end! 

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Cabin Fever Fox And Petrov Explode In Part Two!

Cabin Fever Fox And Petrov Explode In Part Two!

A Falcon Studios Exclusive


Valentin Petrov towels himself off, feeling hot and clean after his steamy shower. He isquickly aroused when he sees Spencer Fox soaking in the tub. Stewing in the warm water,Spencer and his equally giant cock get Valentin fired up. Spencer invites his friend over, andValentin gets busy lapping up his thick hard dick, hefty balls and juicy manhole. Themad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep inside the Spencer’s hole. Spencer gets soe xcited that he quickly takes his turn to suck cock. He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9+ inches. Valentin is wanting more and he positions himself onSpencer’s thick dick and bucks up and down, his hard cock swinging madly. The two friends switch roles again in this exchange of huge dicks, flipping so Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in the ass. Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads.

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Knight Time Featuring Viny Knight New PowerMan!




    It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Viny Knight!



LMS muscleman  Viny Knight  makes the PM scene with a sensual, cocky, slow and easy debut performance, showing off his smooth and beautifully proportioned physique. Boasting the splendid muscles of the masculine middle-aged middleweight, the goatee-sporting Viny proves that seasoning is all. And catch that mysterious, powerful tat covering Viny's left butt cheek…it proves that someone else has been here before! Dream on, muscle fans.

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