Aspen & Wesley Woods Star Wars Parody |!

Aspen & Wesley Woods

A Star Wars Parody!

In A Gaylaxy Far Far Away… Poe (Aspen) is captured and stripped bare by Kylo Ren (Wesley Woods). Poe may not have what Kylo is looking for… but he does have a hard cock and a tight ass.  A ferocious fuck breaks out between these two enemies, each taking turns invading the other’s tight ass.


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SEX DRIVE Featuring Sexy Tyler Ruess | Belami!

SEX DRIVE Featuring Sexy Tyler Ruess

Eliot had taken the new boy, Tyler Ruess outside for this photoshoot and come back with a fine set of pictures. Tyler is a very sexy young guy with a cheeky smile and seems quite at home in his little buggy….and out of his clothes. We love that edgy Ruess haircut incidentally and everything else about Tyler is just about spot on.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Ryan Bones And Zack Hunter Hide n’ Seek |!

Ryan Bones & Zack Hunter

Hide And Seek!

What do you do when caught underneath the hot jock’s (Ryan Bones) bed? You listen to him stroke and enjoy every second. Once caught, the dirty little peeper (Zack Hunter) is thrown on the bed and made into a bottom bitch just as he wanted.


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Adam Bryant And Johnny Ryder Erector At Hothouse!

Adam Bryant And Johnny Ryder

Erector Scene 1!

A Exclusive


Adam Bryant stands like a god on a pedestal in his rubber gear. Johnny Ryder kneels in worship at his feet, with his mouth wrapped around Adam's thick cock. Spit and slobber drip off the tip of Adam's dick, and he keeps his hand resting on the back of Johnny's neck, offering subtle guidance. Johnny jacks his dick with excitement, and he gets his first taste of penetration when Adam bends him over and works his hole with an extra-long dildo. Adam's hulking biceps flex as he opens up Johnny's man cave with the toy, and Johnny's face contorts in pangs of bottoming bliss. With Johnny's ass good and ready, Adam mounts him from behind for a ball-slapping pounding. Sweat covers their muscled bodies as they slam together again and again. When they come to the edge, Johnny flips onto his back and locks eyes with Adam. They blast their thick white loads at the same time onto Johnny's ripped stomach, panting in their erotic connection.

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Jason Maddox Ass Deep In Ginger Muscle|GayRoom!

Jason Maddox Is Ass Deep In Ginger Muscle!

Alex Tanner gets his ginger tight ass fucked by big dicked Jason Maddox! This is a hot feature guys!  Alex is a hot muscled guy with a nice thick cock with a big head and a fresh pink hungry hole.  Jason is a hot and handsome dark haired guy with a huge cock.. love those black pubes… ok gotta go lol.  Enjoy!


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Rafael Alencar Skewers Pierre Fitch At CockyBoys!

Rafael Alencar Skewers Pierre Fitch

Fuck The Canadian Out Of Me!

A CockyBoys Exclusive!


Rafael Alencar and Pierre Fitch are two names that need no introduction in the porn world. They're both known for pushing the limits and creating scenes that re-define the standards of the adult movies and what we're about to see on Cockyboys today is again a serious game changer. Trust me when I say – you have never seen anything like this before. Rafael brings out a side in Pierre that none of us knew it even existed. Pierre's moans will change the way you look at him and you will wonder "Where has this power bottom been hiding all this time??"

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Take The XXX Tour


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Tomas And Logan On Drae Axtells Huge Cock | Lucas!

Tomas Brand & Logan Rogue Breed Drae Axtell!



Who knows what was going through the minds of Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue when they saw Drae Axtell walking onto the set, other than the fact that they’re going to pound a gorgeous Latin man. Judging by the smile on Drae’s face, he’s excited at the chance to switch back and forth between to daddies that are eager with their new paramour. This humble Lucas Entertainment writer has never seen Drae Axtell’s monster cock in person, but judging from what’s seen on camera it is ridiculously large. And when Tomas and Logan get a look at this kid’s meat, both diligently take their time rotating turns servicing it. Check out their awesome three-way oral sex action; Tomas is doing everything he can to swallow that cock up! Tomas soon after wants to induct Drae into the hall of men he’s had take a ride on his cock, so the Latino hops on to stretch out his hole. But because Logan is a true sport, he happily jumps in the middle and takes Tomas and Drae at the same time!






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JJ Knight & Bray Love Fuck Me I’m Famous NakedSword!

JJ Knight Fucks Bray Love

Fuck Me I'm Famous!


Social media loves NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love – almost as much as Bray loves taking every inch of JJ Knight’s giant cock. Bray’s beautiful eyes fill with tears as he gags on JJ’s 8-incher but when he sits down on that rock-hard monster the action may actually break the internet. Get to know every inch of these two stars in a scene that will be trending by midnight.



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Ryan Cage Takes Paul Dvorak’s Hot Virgin Hole | RandyBlue!

Ryan Cage Takes Paul Dvorak's Virgin Hole!

Hot Bareback Flip Fuck!


A nice morning cup of coffee. What can go better with that than some hot gay fucking! These two start to make out which leads to blow jobs which leads to raw dicks sliding inside each other’s asses. Paul is a stunningly handsome gay sex virgin. This straight stud has fellow straight hunk Ryan Cage show him the ropes of how to take a dick. Ryan lifts his legs up looks at Paul with his deep blue eyes and demands Paul shove his raw cock in him. Paul sees how easy it is and how good it feels for Ryan. So bends over and lets Ryan fuck him too. The whole hot scene ends with cum filling Ryan’s mouth and Paul’s hole. Be sure to check out the free gay porn pics of the hot flip fuck action here at Randy Blue Universe.


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