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Muscle Stud Nixon Plows Lane | SeanCody!

March 31st, 2017|

Muscle Stud Nixon Plows Lane!

Sean asked Lane what he was looking forward to on his shoot, and while eyeballing Nixon, he replied excitedly, “Getting tossed around, man handled, emasculated…all of the above!” Nixon showed off his muscular physique to give Lane a little visual taste on what he was about to get into, and our favorite dirty bottom was overjoyed!  Needless to say, Lane’s ass was used up just the way he likes it.


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Devin Franco Services Sergeant Miles – Executive Cock | Lucas!

March 29th, 2017|

Devin Franco Services Sergeant Miles – Executive Cock!

100% Raw!

Devin Franco looks up to his business superior, Sergeant Miles, so when Sergeant invites Devin over to his apartment for some wine after a long day in the board meetings, and there’s no way Devin would turn down the chance. Devin had an idea that Sergeant was sexually attracted to him, and once the wine takes over, Sergeant makes his move. When their hard raw cocks are throbbing, Sergeant Miles and Devin Franco move take secret affair into the bedroom.


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Viktor Rom & Bogdan Gromov Bareback Boyfriends | Lucas!

March 28th, 2017|

Viktor Rom & Bogdan Gromov

BB Boyfriends!

As mentioned in his threesome with his step brother Klim Gromov and the alpha top Marq Daniels, Bogdan is a versatile guy who has skill in the bedroom both giving and taking dick. Bogdan and Viktor Rom (another alpha top who uses his fat eight inches of uncut cock as a battering ram) are no strangers to each other. They’ve been in a handful of group sex encounters together, but have never had a chance to be together one-on-one. Viktor Rom, as noted several times, is a top only, which leaves Bogdan Gromov with one option. Fans of lean twinks getting their asses wrecked by macho alphas will not want to miss this scene!     

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Tricked Out Of The Closet | NextDoorStudios!

March 25th, 2017|

Scotty Zee And River Elliott

Tricked Out Of The Closet!


River finds Scotty passed out and ass up, naked on the bed spread eagle. It's all River can do from bursting in his pants right there, but he slowly makes sure Scotty is asleep. River fixates on his friend's perfect ass, rubbing his cock as he imagines what it'd be like to indulge in such a sweet piece of meat. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, RIver moves in closer and proceeds to quietly inhale all of Scotty's essence as he strokes himself off. It's time for Scotty to find out if his friend River can actually fuck or not.


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The Pack Attack Begins Parker Perry | HOTHOUSE!

March 24th, 2017|

Pack Attack  – Parker Perry, Scene 1

Starring: Alexsander Freitas, Josh West, Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Saint, Blake Daniels


Pack Attack 4 opens with Parker Perry boasting about his skills as a cock-hungry bottom. The blue-eyed furry stud talks a pretty good game; he claims he's ready to get all his holes filled. The studs line up and Parker gets on his knees, moving from one monster-cock to the next. The lucky cocksucker is literally surrounded by huge dicks and he makes a pig out of himself! While he sucks their dicks the guys take turns rimming him until Josh West steps up and services Parker from behind. He threatens to be the first one to fuck him… we'll have to wait for scene 2 to find out.


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Hot Facial Adam Stefan And John Cruz | RandyBlue!

March 24th, 2017|

Hot Facial Fuck Adam Stefan & John Cruz

100% Raw!


Two hot tattoos Brazilian men doing what God has always intended – Fucking each other raw. Adam is a sexy muscled jock with a back tattoo and long locks that cover his brooding eyes. John is ripped with a juiced out monster cock adonis. Get them together and the chemistry is explosive. They start right into it with some poolside blowjobs. The hot deep throating in the cool pool makes them want more. They take it inside and that’s when the real fireworks start to go off. They begin to explode with passion as they suck eachother’s dicks and John rims Adam’s hole. His hole is ready for a bareback pounding. And John is hard and ready to give it to him. They fuck raw doggie style before finally Adam gets on his back and lifts his legs into the air and gets the cum fucked out him.

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JJ Knight & Bray Love Fuck Me I’m Famous NakedSword!

March 22nd, 2017|

JJ Knight Fucks Bray Love

Fuck Me I'm Famous!


Social media loves NakedSword Exclusive Bray Love – almost as much as Bray loves taking every inch of JJ Knight’s giant cock. Bray’s beautiful eyes fill with tears as he gags on JJ’s 8-incher but when he sits down on that rock-hard monster the action may actually break the internet. Get to know every inch of these two stars in a scene that will be trending by midnight.


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Hung Top Alex Kof Breeds Ibrahim Moreno Raw | Lucas!

March 20th, 2017|

Hung To Alex Kof Breeds Ibrahim Moreno Raw!

Sizzling HOT!

Ibrahim Moreno’s brief hiatus from bottoming has come to an end. (He’s perfectly good at fucking ass, though — see him in action with three other guys as they breed Devin Franco’s ass in an unforgettable gang bang.) He breaks in his butt with the big uncut cock of Alex Kof, who is always up for a raw fuck. If you check out 10:10 in the video, you’ll see why Ibrahim is so good at bottoming. Alex is nearly 10 inches in the pants, and Ibrahim loves taking every inch into his hole.

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Ryan Cage barebacks Dom Ully | RandyBlue!

March 20th, 2017|

Ryan Cage Barebacks Dom Ully!

100% Raw

Ryan and Dom share some vino. Ryan takes charge. Both men are covered in sexy manly tattoos, but where Ryan is beefy and muscular, Dom is ripped and lean. Ryan needs a bad boy to fuck him raw. And Ryan’s uncut cock is ready to dive in. They start kissing. Ryan rips off Dom’s clothes and pulls out his hard cock. He starts to lick up and down the shaft and deep throats it with ease. Next it’s Dom’s turn to try out his blow job techniques. Ryan slaps his fat uncut cock into Dom’s face, and Dom swallows it whole. They move things to the bed room. Ryan immediately puts Dom in the doggie position on the bed and starts to slide his raw dick inside. He fucks Dom bareback nice soft at first. But Dom is a good power bottom and can take a pounding. As they switch positions, the fucking gets harder and faster. Until finally Ryan pulls out and cums all over Dom’s face.

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Michael Del Ray, Jake Davis Leather Virgin | NextDoorRaw!

March 18th, 2017|

Michael Del Ray & Jake Davis

Leather Virgin!

100% Raw!

Next Door Studios brings you the evolution of porn with its first 100% bareback website catering to the growing demand for raw content.

As he models his prospective outfit for the festival, Jake Davis' excitement is palpatable. Decked out in a leather harness, he fantasizes about all the hot guys that will be there. Friend Michael Del Ray has a chuckle, unaware of what goes on at these types of events. Jake tries to explain it, and Michael tells him he's just going for all the cock. Jake responds that cock is all he's interested in, and Michael's ears perk up. He briefly considers offering his own member for Jake's consumption, but decides it's too weird. Jake sees all of this taking place inside Michael's mind, and prods him just a bit, telling him he won't tell anyone and that it's just a blow job. Micheal relents cautiously, as Jake begins to suck him off. Instantly, Michael's reservations melt away, as he realizes Jake is really fucking good at giving head. As his cock swells to maximum density, Michael is convinced, flipping Jake over and pounding him from behind, pile driving his giant raw cock deep inside Jake's waiting ass.

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