Another WolffPac Exclusive Tristan Scott


MikeTristan Scott A WolffPac Exclusive 


This week we bring you another WolffPac exclusive and new model discovery. Tristian is a 24 year old stud from Toronto who likes to spend his time working out, staying fit and playing hard. This update captures him doing all that and more. Also added this week new high-res galleries of muscle model Frank Desonto and the ultra ripped Jessie Garcia. Our massive members area features over 200 muscle & fitness models and over 50 hrs of muscle worship and JO action all exclusive to 


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Huge In The Right Place Olly Daniels At BentleyRace!

Olly Daniels 

Huge In The Right Place!

At BentlyRace


Olly Daniels is hugely popular on BentleyRace.  But his very first shoot actually happened a little before that on the rooftop Zak's inner city apartment building.  It was a very hot day and Zac and Olly were up for doing some outdoor shots, even at the risk of being spotted by office workers in the surrounding buildings.  20 year old Olly looks great in that little blue jockstrap with his blond furry bum sticking out the back. Zac took tonnes of photos of Olly as he stripped off. Olly was already rock hard before he pulled his cock out to the side. The scene was finished on the roof with Olly pouring a big bottle of water over himself to cool down. The boys then headed back to Zac's bedroom where Olly proceeded to make a fleshlight fucking video while watching a porno on Zac's bed.

The Tour



The Tour




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Zeb Atlas And Micah Brandt In Built Tough!

Zeb Atlas And Micah Brandt



Micah Brandt, the muscled, dark-skinned laborer, unloads the back of the truck when Foreman Zeb Atlas surprises him. Zeb is BUILT TOUGH and in charge, and he orders Micah to suck his cock. Startled but willing, Micah obeys, almost gagging in his attempts to swallow the long, thick muscle. Ready for more, the macho foreman stands up his helper and plows his ass hard. Micah howls and grits his teeth, taking every stroke like a trooper which excites Zeb and encourages him to deliver even harder. He gets even more aggressive as he punishes Micah’s tight, hot hole with fierce thrusts. They continue screwing with Micah lying on the open tailgate and Zeb delivering payload deep into his rear. Micah’s eyes roll back as he yanks his crank in time with Zeb’s thrusts, which only leads to Micah shooting his load. Then Zeb pulls out and blasts his partner’s thigh with his spooge. Zeb walks away cocky and smug, leaving Micah sore and spent but completely satisfied.

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Live Muscle Show Exclusive Radek Koshnik

Muscle Hunk Radek Koshnik

At LiveMuscleShow

Muscle Hunk Radek Koshnik combines youthful good looks with a powerful physique. This bodybuilding competitor started as a powerlifter, which accounts for the mass. He also loves shot putting and other track-and-field events, which gives his body its' class. He also likes to wrestle and box. All of that conditioning has resulted in an incredibly well-rounded body. Long limbed and defined, looking at Radek is like a living anatomy lesson. But this is no textbook. This is a flesh-and-blood man. All man. Who wants – no, needs – a guy like you telling him how good he looks when he's flexing those powerful muscles for you. Youth must be served. And serviced. Especially when it comes as a hot-blooded package of packed muscle like Radek.

What exactly is LiveMuscleShow

At  you talk live on cam with your favorite Muscle Hunks, Pro and Amateur BodyBuilders, Muscle Men and the worlds Top Male Muscle and Fitness Models.  As a member, you can Chat FREE to get to know your favorite muscle stud, then take your muscle man private – for Bodybuilding tips, a private and intimate "work out" encounter, or even a steaming hot Muscle Worship session.

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Chain Linked Reed Royce Tyler Torro And Trey Turner!

 Chain Linked!

Tyler Torro, Reed Royce And Trey Turner 

 A NextDoorBuddy Exclusive 


Reed Royce is living out every guy's fantasy. Tired of seeing the frat bros having their way, he has taken advantage of their reckless intoxicated state and managed to tie them up in his basement. Reed Royce has a basement and right now he's got Tyler Torro and Trey Turner hogtied and they are not too happy about it.Tyler is incensed, imploring Reed to let him and his schoolmate go, but Reed is determined to teach the guys a lesson. Only one problem: Reed's insatiable lust for jock cock. Staring at Tyler's restrained package has Reed's lips whetting, and Tyler sees this, inviting Reed to have a look. Trey can only watch as Reed falls to his knees and takes Tyler's cock into his mouth. Tyler stiffens up and clenches the fence as Reed deep throats his entire rod. Clearly both guys are enjoying themselves, so Reed lets Tyler out and they move over to Trey, still hogtied with ass in the air. Reed pulls down his underwear and gives him a hearty smack on the ass as Tyler shoves his cock down Trey's throat, before Reed decides to untie Trey as well.

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Curtiss Calm Confident Hairy Ass Hung Bad Ass!

Curtiss, Calm, Confident,Hairy Ass, Hung Bad Ass

Curtis kind of has this Bad Ass feel about him. Very calm and collected, confident, but I kind of get the feeling he might go from kicking your ass to fucking it. Not to say he is violent, but if you have bad boy fantasies, I think Curtis can fill them. He's a smart guy too, so don't let the tough attitude fool ya.

He seems to be down for getting his dick sucked and I am pretty sure he would top a dude. He's got that aggressiveness in him. I think he will be back to do more, so stay tuned. I can't decide to let him do a Serviced video or put him in a more vulnerable Edge chair position!

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Vito Brazilian Bubble Butt Rock Hard And Hung Stud!

Vito Brazilian Bubble Butt Rock Hard & Hung


Our HOT Brazilian showcase continues with 23 year old Vito: full lips, washboard abs, a glorious bubble butt and a fierce 8 inch cock, Vito is the total package. He looks like a statue (seriously), poses like a pro and yes… he's gay. Have you booked your trip to Rio yet? This Carioca claims he tops only –no surprise with that huge cock– but his ass promises many other delights. Enjoy!

The Tour

The Tour



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Striking Gold With Axl Discovery On Active Duty!


Striking Gold With Axl Discovery!

I'm sure you'll agree thatActive Duty has struck gold with our latest recruit Axl. This gorgeous lad stands a whopping 6' 3" tall and weighs 185 lbs. He wrestled undefeated in high school, and played a little bit of football but was more serious and interested in wrestling. He enjoys kayaking and hanging out with his German shepherd.

When Dink asks Axl how he feels about sex with men he's quick to say that even though it's new, it's exciting and seems less complicated than the relationships he's had with women. When they joke with him about being all smiles during a three way shoot the night before and wondering if he was having fun or just acting, he's quick to point out that he was definitely having fun. During that shoot they joked that he could probably suck his own dick and when he tried he was actually able to touch his tongue to the head. He was so excited that he tried it again during this solo but wasn't limber enough. But it was sure fun watching him try.

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Rado Zuska William Higgins!

Rodo Zuska A Stunner From Melnik!


All New Sizzling HOT SITE

Rado Zuska is from Melnik, and what a stunner he is. With very handsome features and a fabulous body. He also has a very nice dick, that gets rock hard, and a lovely hairy crack inviting us into a beautiful looking hole.


Home Town: Melnik 
Height: 177cm/5'9" Weight: 80kg/176lb
Foot Size: EU44/US8.9/UK8.4 Penis Size: 18cm/7.09"
Profession/Student of: Driver
Hobbies: Fitness
Favorite Sports: Fitness, Swimming
Active Sports: Fitness, Cycling, Swimming
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Roman Sebrle
Visited Coutries: Germany
Want to Visit Coutries: Brazil
Dream of My Life: To Be Rtch
Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 23 – August 22)


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