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New Pics Brian Gunns Monster Muscle At MuscleHunks!

August 31st, 2012|

Brian Gunns New Monster Muscle

A MuscleHunks Exclusive! 


 An awesome front double biceps pose is the most impressive display of pure muscle from any bodybuilder, and when Brian Gunns flexes his mountainous peaks, he knows his admirers go weak at the knees. In Brian’s latest scene, those guns are back in action as he shows off two of his biggest assets. Iron man Brian stokes the furnace of muscle fantasy in a private session of raw sex and strength that he knows will satisfy the cravings of any muscle fan. Brian’s got more than 20 inches of pure eye-popping power up top, not to mention the sizable rod he’s got between those huge quads!



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Trey Casteel, Nick Marino Heavy Squats And Flip Flops!

August 28th, 2012|


Trey Casteel, Nick Marino Heavy Squats And Flip Flops!



The spectacular pairing of Trey Casteel and Nick Marino begins with the pair doing sets on the squat machine (like either one of them could have a more perfect ass). From the get-go you can tell they are hot for each other and they quickly move on to other exercises for the buttocks. Both men show skill and stamina in this flip-flop fuckfest, in a video that should be the dictionary’s definition of versatile, as both men take as good as they give. 


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John Magnum Pounds Phillip Aubrey At Dominic Ford!

August 18th, 2012|

JOHN MAGNUM Pounds Phillip Aubrey

At DominicFord.com!

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Featuring 3D Movies!


Dominic writes from from Fort Lauderdale.  He can't wait for us to see the scene he just shot.  But, until then, we are excited to share with you this week's scene.  It stars uber-hottie JOHN MAGNUM.  Dominic has  been wanting to work with John for a while, and when he stopped by the studio, it was ON!

They brought in Phillip Aubry, last scene in their boyfriend series (with bf Spencer Reed).  They thought it would be a great pairing. Boy, was it! These two boys are so hot for each other. It really shows in the scene.

Plus, if you are a fan of John (or Phillip), you can experience them in a whole new way if you watch the 3D version. You can practically reach out and touch them. Remember, Dominic Ford 3D movies work on any TV or monitor. And, if you have a new 3D TV, there is a special format just for those TVs (and the 3D TV versions are beyond amazing)….

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Todd Morris New Muscle Star At PowerMen

August 17th, 2012|

Work It Out With Todd Morris

At PowerMen



Tall, blond, lean and handsome, Nordic-looking Todd Morris is his gym’s superstar – his gleaming muscles radiate power and strength, his diet is pure, his skin glows with health. All this takes discipline. But Todd has an additional secret – he believes every good workout must conclude with a happy ending – and as he’s also the gym owner, scheduling private time on the floor is no worry. We were privileged when Todd invited our cameras to follow this 6′ 2" muscle stud through his paces during a recent private session workout. This is the real thing: a muscle-blasting workout routine followed by a mouth-watering, sensuous personal play time!


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Everyones Fav Guy Tops Shredded Tanner At Active Duty!

August 15th, 2012|

Happy Hunk Guy Returns To Top Shredded TannerHit!

At ActiveDuty.com


Active Duty is thrilled to bring back Guy. He’s joined by Tanner for what promises to be a fired-up session. The letters have been pouring in asking for more of Guy since his only other hardcore scene for Active Duty, a three way with Korbin and Taylor. Now the 5′ 11" Guy with the thick 8.5" rod has returned to top shredded Tanner, one of their most popular new recruits.

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Fur Mountain Hot Colt Vid Spencer Reed And Dirk Caber!

August 14th, 2012|

Spencer Reed Tops Dirk Caber In Fur Mountain


Sprawled out under a pick-up truck, Spencer Reed is busy with hismechanic’s tools in hand. Dirk Caber watches from above, patting his bulging jeans as he watches Spencer on his back under the truck. Spencer looks up from under the truck and asks, "You think that works"? Dirk looks at Spencer¹s hairy chest, gives his hard tool a squeeze and says, "It works for me". 


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Mister Muscles Bailey Morgan Strips And Jacks For Zac!

August 13th, 2012|

Mister Muscles Bailey Morgan Strips And Jacks For Zac!

 At BentleyRace.com


Our straight 26 year old mate Bailey Morgan lives in London. He is a big hit with visitors to BentleyRace . Zac was lucky enough to grab him for another scene. Bailey put on an extremely hot show. Bailey's video contains one of the hottest bed fucking scenes from a straight boy we've ever seen!

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German Muscle Kurt Beckmann At LiveMuscleShow!

August 12th, 2012|

Kurt Beckmann Corn Fed German Beef


An accomplished gymnast from an early age,Muscle Hunk Kurt Beckmann can literally do deep splits and handsprings. As he’s landing, catch the Thor tattoo that coves his back. The thunderbolts perfectly follow the counters of his V-shaped muscle frame, ending in two smooth mounds of ass muscle. It’s unusual to see someone as big as he is so limber, but he can put himself into all kinds of positions. He can even put his legs behind his head. Now just imagine one on one with Kurt naked and live!

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Amerigo Jackson Glistens In The Rain At MuscleHunks

August 12th, 2012|

Amerigo Jackson Glistens In The Rain

At MuscleHunks.com

MuscleHunks Man of the Year Amerigo Jackson  looks good from whatever angle you look at him. He can make the sun shine brighter and he can even make a rainy day exciting, as he does in this scene. Watch Amerigo as he gets all wet as he invites you to do just that. Amerigo’s muscle size alone is hypnotizing, Many of his friends at LiveMuscleShow.com know that already. But Amerigo goes much further: SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!



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Militant Masturbation With Marcus Mojo!

August 12th, 2012|


Militant Masturbation With Marcus Mojo!

At NextDoorWorld.com

 Marcus Mojo is preparing for his mission. It’s going to take mental focus and plenty of technique. Intel relays that he has got a major disturbance in the nether regions of his loins, and it is going to take some serious and immediate action to rectify the situation and succeed in the objective. It is probably going to get tight in there, maybe even a little hairy, and there is definitely going to be an opportunity for some hand to hand combat in close quarters. Mojo is going to have to keep his eyes peeled and his dick hard if he wants to cum back. Or cum forward. Wherever Marcus decides to cum you be sure, he will do whatever it takes to leave no man’s behind, take action into his own hands, and be all that he can be.

Members of NextDoorWorld.com get FREE access to Marcus LIVE on  webcam with shows two times per week during his normally scheduled Monday and Friday shows!  "Known for having ‘the best body in porn’, Marcus has been a star performer with Next Door Studios and we are thrilled to have the chance to offer Marcus to you LIVE!   

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