Big Harry Valentino Gives Tobin A Total Massage

Valentino Gives Tobin A Total Massage

Valentino does massage on the side, so he is in his element for his first full-on sex film with gorgeous Tobin.  Valentino oils up Tobin’s hot body, and both guys look hot together with all that muscle mass sliding up against each other.Valentino explores Tobin’s ample ass cheeks, getting it lubed up for some fucking, and then makes him suck his cock.

 Valentino shoves a small toy into Tobin’s hot ass, then makes him suck his cock some more. Its so hot to see the young muscleboy with a butt toy up his and sucking on Valentino’s cock. We finally get Tobin laying sideways and that was just the right height for some ass-ramming. Valentino then fucks him on his back and unloads all over and in Tobin’s hole.  Tobin is left on his own to rub one off, but it is a massive nut. 

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COLTStudios New Release HARD DRIVE Scene 1


COLTstudios HARD DRIVE Scene 1

Starring Valentin Petro & Dylan Roberts!


Scene 1 – Valentin Petrov & Dylan Roberts (Flip)

On the computer screen Habib enjoys a dreamy sequence of naked young studs, Dylan Roberts and Valentin Petrov as they come together with hard cocks and eager open mouths.  Dylan worships Valentin’s big beautiful uncut cock, deep throating and slurping, lovingly cupping those balls in his hand as he swallows every inch. Valentin also gets a tasty mouthful of Dylan’s uncut cock with a heaping serving of ass on the side. Slipping around back Valentin slips his tongue deep in Dylan’s hot round ass. Straddling his chest, Valentin feeds Dylan more of his big juicy cock. Already in a good position, Valentin leans back and slides his ass down onto Dylan’s rock hard tool, taking that cock for a ride while stroking his own thick monster cock. 


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Latin Hunk Guilherme Gives Stefano A Hot Ride

Hot Top Guilherme Gives Stefano A Hot Ride


Guilherme is one hot top. Stefano is all over him then even rims him before bending over and taking all Guilherme can give. Two very hot guys! After all that hot fucking, in several positions, Stefano ends up on his back getting covered in cum! What a hot pair.

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Prague BodyBuilder Rudolf Schneider

Rudolf Schneider Prague BodyBuilder


Rudolf Schneider is a bodybuilder from Prague who loves showing off his massive physique.  As he flexes his upper body muscles, those enormous shoulders and biceps look like they’re about to burst through his T-shirt. He strips down to a pair of tight black briefs that set off his V-shaped torso perfectly and then turns his back to the camera and slowly slides out of his shorts to reveal those meaty butt cheeks. Rudolph then shows off his thick, cut cock, stroking it until it’s fully erect. You’ll get to enjoy the view of his body from all angles before he finally lays back, spreads his legs and jacks off until a huge load of cum rains down across his six-pack.

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Brazilian Muscle Stud Miquel On LatinBoyz!

MIGUEL Sao Paulo Muscle Stud On LatinBoyz!

On a recent trip to São Paulo the guys ran into one of their models they photographed three years ago named Miguel and we were happy to see that this hot papi is looking better than ever. Of course they asked him to do another shoot and the results were just as hot as the first time.

* Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil
* Birthdate: April 7th (Aries)
* Height: 5ft 11 inches (180 centimeters)
* Weight: 190 lbs. (86 kilograms)
* Dick: 6.5 uncut (20 centimeters)


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Oleg Sukov Muscle Ukranian Style On PowerMen

Oleg Suko

Hot Ukranian Athlete In Great Shape




Hotter Than Ever! 

When Ukranian Oleg Sukov  breezed through our studios for what we thought was going to be a quick shoot, we were impressed by both his muscularity and his excellent conditioning. Naturally, the shoot went a little longer than planned since they kept adding new set-ups and lighting to better show Oleg off. When Oleg offered to stick around after the photo session to show off a few more of his talents, we were only too happy to oblige – after all, there’s nothing more impressive than a fine athlete in top shape, and if he wants to get naked and play, who are we to stop him?

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COLTstudios Bulge Scene 3

COLTstudios Bulge Scene 3

Starring Sebastian Bronco And Junior!


With a thick muscled torso and pumped arms, muscle hunkSebastian Bronco flexes his guns as tattooed muscle boy Junior applies the oil. Grabbing and groping all that thick muscle, Junior works his way down to that BULGE in Sebastian’s jock strap. Standing face to face, Bulge to Bulge, Sebastian takes a knee and helps himself to a taste of Juniors thick uncut cock. Junior kicks off his jock straps and thrusts his meaty pole deep into Sebastian’s throat.

Junior gets Sebastian on his back, lifts those thick muscled legs and dives his tongue in on that beefy ass. As he feasts on Sebastian’s hot hole and that juicy uncut dick, Junior gets himself rock hard and ready to take that ass. Sebastian spreads his legs wide and takes Junior to the hilt. Junior fucks that ass hard and deep as Sebastian groans in pleasure. Sebastian takes a punishing fuck from behind before he climbs up and rides Junior’s pipe home. When Junior is ready to blow he strokes his thick load in Sebastian’s sweat soaked face as Sebastian unloads his cum at Junior’s feet.

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Omar Fabrouk Muscle Fantasy On MuscleHunks

Discover Omar Fabrouk On MuscleHunks’s latest discovery Omar Fabrouk  graces our pages with all new video and images capturing many sides of this complicated, mysterious, stunning new muscle beauty from the far east. In the first of two all-new exclusive scenes, you’ll meet the quiet Omar, lying alone on the Miami beach in the early hours of the morning, in an almost transcendental scene of peace as the waves lap over his succulent body. Later that night, we’re with Omar in the strip club where he works, where the cheers and applause greet his energetic performances – both onstage and off! Come dance with Omar at or come and worship him live at



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Live and Intimate!

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Confident Str8 Big Hung Cort At Chaosmen

Big Ole Confident Str8 Dude Cort At! 

Cort  has all kinds of financial and commercial projects and business, but we think he has a divorce thang going, so cash flow has been frozen. He is another guy that Bryan wanted to get in right away, so once again, we are left again without pubes. A former body-builder, he still has all that mass from years of training…and tanning!

Cort thought the photos and the video would be a piece a cake, but as soon as Bryan started taking pictures, his big ‘ole cock wouldn’t stand up for him. That of course made him more nervous, and instead of getting some awesome exhibitionism, he spends a lot of time focusing on the TV to keep himself going.

Bryan even left the audio on, albeit very quiet, for Cort’s cumshot . One upshot is he spends a lot of time playing with his butthole and he even fingers himself when he is trying to nut. Love it when straight guys do that. His confidence in performing in front of the camera was a little shaken, but we think he could actually do an Edge video. We might not get all the crazy fantasy footage, but it would be hot to see him tied up in the chair!


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Xander Spanish Beef Naked At LiveMuscleShow

Xander Naked Beef On Live Muscle Show

Friendly champion Latin bodybuilder. 5’11", 230 lb of pure grade A+ Spanish beef. 20.5 inch guns. Amazing vascularity. Washboard abs. Huge everywhere. Xander is always super lean and in peak physical condition. Xander loves to show off, flex and have you appreciate his muscle…especially in private!

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