Aaden Stark Gets It Raw By Skye & Damon Heart | Lucas!

Aaden Stark Gets It Raw By Manuel Skye & Damon Heart

100% Raw!

Manuel Skye returns to show off his muscle-daddy dominance, this time teaming up with Damon Heart to own the ass of Aaden Stark. No hole is left untouched when both Damon and Manuel ram their cocks down Aaden’s throat and fuck him up the ass raw until they shoot their loads!     


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Bareback Double Flip Fuck | Lucas!

Bareback Double Flip Fuck!

100% Raw!

Viktor Rom, Ken Summers, Dominic Arrow, Bogdan Gromov

Ken Summers and Dominic Arrow are the hot and horny bottoms passed around between Viktor Rom and Bogdan Gromov, who is in training of sorts learning to be a stronger top by following the example of Viktor. Viktor Rom is the total top in charge of the situation, and Ken and Dominic take turns gets fucked at the same time by Viktor and Bogdan.


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Ryan Cage barebacks Dom Ully | RandyBlue!

Ryan Cage Barebacks Dom Ully!

100% Raw

Ryan and Dom share some vino. Ryan takes charge. Both men are covered in sexy manly tattoos, but where Ryan is beefy and muscular, Dom is ripped and lean. Ryan needs a bad boy to fuck him raw. And Ryan’s uncut cock is ready to dive in. They start kissing. Ryan rips off Dom’s clothes and pulls out his hard cock. He starts to lick up and down the shaft and deep throats it with ease. Next it’s Dom’s turn to try out his blow job techniques. Ryan slaps his fat uncut cock into Dom’s face, and Dom swallows it whole. They move things to the bed room. Ryan immediately puts Dom in the doggie position on the bed and starts to slide his raw dick inside. He fucks Dom bareback nice soft at first. But Dom is a good power bottom and can take a pounding. As they switch positions, the fucking gets harder and faster. Until finally Ryan pulls out and cums all over Dom’s face.


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Max Fonda Kevin Klein Hotties Fucking At Badpuppy!

Max Fonda & Kevin Kleing Hotties Fucking!

All New Site!


What do get when you bring together a couple of hot guys and a couple of big cocks? A couple of explosive cumshots from both Max Fonda & Kevin Klein after some serious kissing, rimming, sucking, & fucking. Enjoy!

Big Dicks, Jocks And Naked Hotties


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Conrad Fucks Shaw BB | SeanCody!

Conrade Fucks Shaw Raw!

Conrad is back, and as excited as ever to fuck some ass. Since we know he’s an ass guy, we paired him up with somebody with a great bubble butt! He wasted no time getting started with Shaw, and went right for his shirt to reveal his muscular physique. Shaw responded by getting a sneak peek into Conrad’s shorts…at this point, the sexual tension was really crazy, so we had to let them just go at it!


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Kaden Alexander Pounds Ricky Verez | Lucas!

Kaden Alexander Pounds Ricky Verez

100% Raw!

Kaden Alexander is the Intern Whisperer. He's always paired up with interns who have bad attitudes and need to be shown their place on the corporate food chain. The last time we saw this sexy Latino beefcake he was setting Brandon Wilde straight by making him submit to his beautiful uncut cock. Now it's Ricky Verez who needs to be put in his place, and Kaden Alexander doesn't show this little bitch any mercy when he thrashes his throat and ass with his raw uncut dick!


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Tayte Hanson, Brent Everett Fuck Him Up | Men.com!

Tayte Hanson & Brent Everett

Fuck Him Up!

Tayte Hanson and Brent Everett’s make-up sex is hot enough to settle any bad blood between the two former lovers. Tayte chokes on Brent’s cock while Brent preps his hole for a pounding. Tayte opens wide with the help of Brent’s strong fingers and wet tongue—that cock slides right in, turning his sweet ass out.              


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James Castle Flip Fucks Devin Franco Hard And Raw | Lucas!

James Castle Flip Fucks Devin Franco!

100% Raw!

It’s James Castle’s first holiday together and Devin Franco is working hard to make sure it’s special for him. But mistakes happen — Devin forgets to turn on the oven and there’s no cooked meal for the couple to enjoy. But who needs a meal when two guys this good looking are together? That’s their attitude, so instead of worrying about food James and Devin start making out in the kitchen and move to the living room. These two Lucas Entertainment exclusive models both have beautiful faces, bodies, and cocks; watching them suck each other off highlights the amazing cocks these two guys have. Watch James go to town on Devin’s dick and balls. James is hungry for dick in his ass, too, and Devin’s big rock-hard dick is on the menu.


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Eduardo Picasso Skewers Ricky | Tim Tales!

Eduardo Picasso Skewers Ricky!

Drippin Hot

Today we see the sensational Timtales Premiere of Eduardo Picasso from Brazil.  When Tim saw him naked the  first time, he couldn't his our eyes. Eduardo is 6'3" tall with a 12 inch super thick monster cock! He might well have the biggest Cock in Porn and Tim is very proud to have him on the site. His scene partner Ricky Ibanez faced his biggest challenge but he did really well. And so this scene turned out to be one of the best this year. Check it out.  Good news Eduardo will be back!!


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Muscled Up Sean Taps Shaw | SeanCody!

Muscled Up Sean Taps Shaw!


Shaw heard a lot about Sean’s assets, and looked wide-eyed at his bulge, “I got a little bit of Italian, but not that much Italian!”  Sean assured him, “Well, you’re about to get that much Italian!”  In the car on the way to the house, the two muscle studs started off with some show and tell, clearly hot and bothered, but once we arrived, rough play was in order. Sean dominated Shaw’s ass, and both hotties were left satisfied.



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