Jimmys First Fuck With Brady Jensen

Jimmys First Time Is With Brady Jensen


When you have a fine bubble butt like Jimmy Coxxx, it’s just a matter of time before you give in and let someone fuck the hell out of it.  Jake convinced Jimmy the time was right and the right dick belonged to CockSure Exclusive Brady Jensen.  The moment the blond superstar walks in on the horny and shirtless young muscle stud, Brady is determined to get some prime "virgin" ass.  And he does!

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Str8 Hunk Kristian Wood At Englishlads


Kristian Wood New Hunk

At Englishlads.com

 New lad Kristian is a right handful in front of the camera and loves showing off his body. He has that rare quality; one minute you look and he stares back as if to say “what you looking at” seconds later he may smiles, “you want to come lick me!” This muscular lad strips off to show his well toned and tanned body, his briefs come off and another first; you ever seen metal balls implanted under the skin of a cock, well Kristian has three of them, apparently the girls love them, though not sure they are for anal sex! Luckily this str8 hunk is all too happy to show off his tight hole. Watch him mess about through the shoot building his climax to a nice load dumped on his abs!

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The Wait Is Over Enriques First BBBoys Solo

Enrique’s First Solo On BangBangBoys.com

The wait is over, here is our baby Enrique’s first video ever. This studly jock has a great cock and sexy bubble butt with a bit of fuzz on it, which is just the way we like it. Get ready for even more solo and action videos of him in the near future!

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Kyle & Jonah Flip Fuck On SeanCody.com!

 Kyle & Jonah Flip Flop On SeanCody.com!

Kyle had come out for a few days for a visit. He kind of wanted to be thrown into the deep end of the pool, so to speak. "I’ve been saving my nut," he said. "I’m ready to do lots of fucking." It was a busy couple of days for him. First up was a hot flip-flop with Jonah. They took turns ramming each other’s asses until they were both sweaty and spent. Kyle got a day off, and then he got the shit fucked out of him by Jesse!

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Get Off Now With Hot, Hung, Horny Muscle LIVE!!


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Str8 Blond Hunk Dennis At ChaosMen

Dennis On The Down Low At ChaosMen

Dennis is a local guy who just needed some quick cash. Bryan was kind of fascinated with his surfer dude hair and blond pubes. He has a buddy who worked for one of the other gay sites and then all their friends found out, and there was drama (you guys really need to help keep these guys on the Down Low, ‘cuz we lose more models from the "audience" saying something to their friends and family)

So he for sure isn’t coming back, despite the fact the guy was hard the entire shoot. He was generally nervous but waaay turned on to be stroking it on camera.  He delivers a nice creamy load. It’s a quick solo as he got down to business and rubbed one off for us! 


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Landon Mycles And Jimmy Coxx Cocksuremen


Jimmy Coxx Tops Landon Mycles

 At Cocksuremen!

Landon Mycles and Jimmy Coxxx work up a sweat and quickly strip down to their jocks. Landon’s oral skills are incredible to put it mildly. He deepthroats Jimmy with ease. Jimmy gets on his knees and returns the favor and swallows as much of Landon as he can handle while gazing up at his perfectly sculpted physique. Neither stud can get enough so they roll into a 69 suckfest to ensure both get a mouthful of rock hard cock. With their oral cravings satisfied, Jimmy works Landon’s hole with his fingers, getting it ready for his thick dick. Landon LOVES the feeling of Jimmy thrusting away inside him. Jimmy works that hole fast and hard bringing both of them to the brink. Both guys jack HUGE loads all over Landon’s ripped abs, perfect pecs and beautiful cock. 

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COLTs Lucky Dreams Scene1 Zac Black, Devin Moss

COLT’s Lucky Dreams, Scene 1

 Zac Blake and Devin Moss

Rub-a-dub-dub 2 boys in a tub! Naked, wet and frisky, a soak in the tub gets dirty as Zac Blake and Devin Moss scrub each other down. Devin shows his massive tool off and Zac greedily accepts it. Taking turns these guys make sure to get every inch of their cocks all squeaky clean.

Zac has his work cut out for him as his mouth gets stuffed with Devin’s way oversized tool. Bobbing his head and stroking that shaft, Zac doesn’t let up until the white stuff comes pouring, Zac gets a final rinse as both he and Zac shoot their milky loads.

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Santana Super Hot Latino Sex Bomb

Santana Super Hot Latino Sex Bomb

Santana is a super hot Hispanic sex bomb! This boy is sultry and sexy. Makes you want to pick up and move to Miami! He can also shoot a big load to go with his big uncut cock

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Ezequiel Martinez Only On MuscleHunks


Ezequiel Martinez Only

 On MuscleHunks.com!

Country boy Ezequiel Martinez dreams of a better life, and he may well be on the way to finding it. Deeply ripped, massively muscled, working now and then in the dance clubs of Mexico City, spending all his hard earned money on his bodybuilding training, Ezequiel knows his future is promising, as he lies swinging in his hammock, picturing a faster land life than the one he always knew…..of course, he also knows his best assets, and what it will take to get him there! 



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Falcons Fleet Week 2 With Landon Conrad

Falcon’s Fleet Week 2

 Landon Conrad & Parker Perry

Having been away at sea for a long six months, Naval officer Landon Conrad’s happy as a clam when his ship finally drops anchor in San Francisco. He dives into a gay waterhole for some R&R where hunky barkeep Parker Perry knows exactly what to do to satisfy the man in uniform. He makes headway to Landon’s crotch and runs his tongue and mouth up and down and all over his already stiffened staff. Then he goes for his poop deck and rims his asshole. The men switch places so Landon can service the lucky landlubber and he swabs him from fore to aft and from stern to stern gobbling down his cock and eating out his ass. Landon then sinks his dick into Parker’s asshole, fucking him so hard that all the bartender can do is scream for more. The men twist into different positions, both of them drowning in their desire for more and more pleasure. They separate to jerk themselves off, the excitement and thrill running out of control until one after the other, they shoot their loads.


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