Brent Corrigan & Calvin Banks Ultra Fan | NakedSword!


Brent Corrigan & Calvin Banks

Ultra Fan 

 "Extra Sausage" Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan’s live webcam show is hijacked by an Ultra Fan. After being shown some incriminating material, Brent agrees to do as he’s told. The night begins with a knock on the door – it’s pizza boy Calvin Banks and his extra sausage. As instructed Brent positions the web cam and begins sucking Banks’ enormous cock. Brent leads them into a passionate flip-flop-fuck on the pool table that ends with Calvin bouncing on Brent’s rock-hard dick until he blows. Brent tips the delivery boy by shooting his hot while load all over Calvin’s face. Will this be enough to satisfy his Ultra Fan?



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Ricky Verez Services Jack Andy’s Nine Inch Raw Cock | Lucas!

Devin Franco Flips It With Sergeant Miles

100% Raw!

Jack Andy needs Ricky Verez to get his ass up and out of bed so they can start the day, but Ricky is being lazy. Jack has always treated Ricky like a kid stepbrother, but Ricky views him as more than that. For a long time, Ricky has harbored a strong sexual attraction to Jack, and he finally makes the move and lures Jack into bed with him. Jack doesn’t resist, and instead lets loose on the little Latin bottom. Jack’s nine-inch cock is huge and hard, and Ricky takes it in as many different positions as possible. But riding it is Ricky’s favorite method, while Jack prefers getting the bottom on his back, legs up in the air, and pounding him until he shoots his load!


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Breaking News! Brad Patton Returns Briefly To Porn!!

Falcon Studios Launches Blockbuster ‘Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2’




A Falcon Studios Exclusive

You can see the first sensational Earthbound teaser on at and check back each week as additional previews, photos and a trio of mystery, super-star appearances are revealed.

Stay Tuned For Much More!!!


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Trent Ferris & Marco Montgomery | NakedSword!

Trent Ferris And Marco Montgomery


 Trent Ferris suffers a severe beat down and decides to split so innocent Marco Montgomery decides to tag along. Marco wants to lick Trent's wounds and his nice thick cock. The dirty garage floor becomes the perfect place for these two studs to take out their sexual frustrations on each other. Its not long before both Greasers are shooting ropes of hot jizz.




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Piers Marini Hot New Model | Belami!

Piers Marini Hot New Belami Model!


OK guys here he comes!  Piers Marini is one of the hottest all around models we've seen since Lars! He's handsome and very fit.  Piers is a bundle of smiles as he goes through a series of poses for us. His toned body is the result not only of a regimented workout routine, but also from years of playing football as a youth. Although this photosession was taken just outside of Budapest, Piers is originally from the Czech Republic.  Here is hoping we see much, much more of Peirs!  Top or Bottom bring it on!  Enjoy!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Stas Landon & Javi Velaro Flip Fuck Raw | Lucas!

Stas Landon & Javi Velaro Flip Fuck Raw!

Sizzling HOT!

Lucas Entertainment exclusive models Stas Landon and Javi Velaro both have incredible bodies: Javi is a bit slighter of frame, while Stas is more imposing. But both guys look incredible in and out of their clothing. And both guys have proven in several scenes that they are just as good at fucking ass as they are at taking dick. In the great outdoors Stas Landon and Javi Velaro both show each other what they can do as they work on their hard, raw uncut cocks before taking turning fucking in the ass!



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Devin Franco & Lee Santino Hard At Work | Lucas!

Devin Franco & Less Santino Flip Fuck

Hard At Work!

100% Raw!


Let’s face it: as a young executive, Devin Franco doesn’t get by with his business savvy. He sticks around the office when no one is there and fools around with the guys that matter. The young hotshot Lee Santino has had his eye on Devin ever since he started his job, and when the opportunity strikes, the two throw all business decorum out the window and get naked together. Lee has a kinky side and takes the time to loosen up Devin’s ass with an exceptionally large dildo. This gets Lee off big time, so he spins Devin around to fuck him in the ass with his own dick. He then flips and takes a ride on Devin’s hard bare cock.   



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