New Release A Thing Of Beauty A CockyBoys Exclusive!

A Thing Of Beauty!

Gabriel Clark, Colby Keller, Dale Cooper & JD Phoenix

A CockyBoys Exclusive!


As many of you know, we sent Gabriel Clark to a remote paradise in the dead of winter. He invited Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, and JD Phoenix.

This is the first of many creative collaborations between Jake and his life partner of 15 years, R. J. Sebastian. Many of you know that they work together. RJ is CocyBoy’s  Director of Photography

Jake and R.J. have been together since their first date. Is it love? This project — even this short trailer — is a love letter to Jake’s love of loves. Their hope is that these short films are a candle in the dark for anyone who doubts that the love between two men is anything but A Thing of Beauty!

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Flashback Damon Danilo Live Only At ManifestMen!

Introducing Damon Danilo


Check the preview area of the site for the time. Hung young stud Damon Danilo is always excited to see each of you!

Damon Danilo is one of the hottest models at  Damon is 25, 190 lbs, 5'10", Biceps 18", chest 48", waist 29", cock 10" … We'll take him thank you!  You will also love him in the video, "Dreams".  Enjoy this super classy stud at

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Ivan Lenko Oh Canada! Boy Oh Boy!

Ivan Lenko

Oh Canada! Boy Oh Boy!


New Site Alert

This solo is longer than usual, but you will see why when you watch it. This guy is worth every minute! In his interview,Ivan Lenko told Marko Lebeau that he was a bit nervous to shoot his first scene, but his body language during the interview didn’t reveal any nervousness whatsoever. And, when he did his solo, he was everything but nervous… A tease, fun loving, sexy and sensual…

Welcome aboard Ivan!

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Bangers And Ass Mathew Mason Rides Theo Reid!

Bangers And Ass!

Mathew Mason Rides Theo Reid


Lucas Entertainment exclusive Mathew Mason has blazed a trail through the studio’s hardcore library as a bottom that loves to challenge himself and see just how much dick he can take. He continues to push his limits, and we in turn continue to through newer and hotter tops at him to ride! Lucas Entertainment’s British production team decided to fly in Theo Reid to have a go at Mathew. Theo is a fitness trainer, so he’s strong and hot, not to mention a dude who is always ready to fuck some ass. Mathew and Theo hook up in a kitchen, and Mathew instantly takes a liking to Theo. How does he prove it? With lots of kissing and dick sucking before he gets Theo on the kitchen floor and hops on his erection for a ride neither will soon forget!

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Body To Body Jake Genesis And David Dirdam!

Body To Body

Jake Genesis And David Dirdam!


As Jake changes into his office clothes in front of the mirror, he can't help but notice the hot piece of ass drying off behind him. And even though he tries to be discreet his eyes are drawn to the huge, uncut meat hanging in between David's legs, and clearly David knows this as he proudly struts around naked, padding himself with the towel and giving Jake something to really feast his eyes on. And while his shyness prevents him from making a move, Jake eventually finds it impossible to resist and reaches out to feel David's mouth-watering bulge, stroking it and feeling it as it quickly hardens in his hand. David stands there enjoying as Jake services his delicious meat, enjoying the feel of it as it hits the back of his throat. Jake then rims David's smooth, muscular ass before giving him a hard pounding on the locker room floor, pulling on his jockstrap so he feels his rock-hard dick deep in his ass. Jake then shoots his sticky load over Davids smooth ass, before finally getting covered in a shower of hot spunk from David.

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Tate Ryder Joins Big Bucks Colt Minute Man Series!

Tate Ryder Joins Big Bucks

Colt Minute Man Series


Greeting the day with a man sized bulge, tattooed hunk Tate Ryder steps out on the front step of his secluded quarters for his morning ritual of rise and shine. Taking out his thick piece of man-meat he slowly strokes his flagpole to full salute. Turning around and giving us a look with his piercing blue eyes, Tate spreads those muscled mounds wide to let the sun shine in on his hot round man-hole. Settling into a rhythm Tate strokes his pole and probes his hole until his morning glory gushes over.


The new offers its members the finest design innovations, features, and functionality. The site includes a new photo viewer called the "COLT Super Slider", flawless resizing features for optimal viewing between all devices, an interactive carousel, and a new method for seamless user navigation. The new site represents a superior online experience that is nearly scroll-free. 

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Helmut Mueller College Jock Alone At Home!

Helmut Mueller College Jock Alone At Home

Helmut Mueller is a regular college jock, except he is a little bigger and stronger. Helmut has the eyes for seduction, the lips for lust, and the testosterone for unlimited stamina. Now you can spy on this hunk, while he shows off and exposes all his manhood while he feels alone in the fraternity home. Are you ready for Helmut?


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FALCON Best Men The Bachelor Party Rush And Atlas!

Best Men, Part 1 – The Bachelor Party, Scene #5

Matthew Rush, Zeb Atlas

Falcon Studios

Matthew Rush details all the sexual shenanigans his friends have had since they hit town to muscle stud Zeb Atlas. And all this explicit talk of non-stop partying and wild sex is such a turn-on that the two men are compelled to unleash their pent-up excitement and arousal with one another. Matthew zones in on the hefty sausage spouting out from between Zeb's massive thighs. He is in hog heaven as he suckles that cock, slavishly licking every meaty inch. Then he runs his tongue all around Zeb's sphincter, jabbing in and out of the hole like there's no tomorrow. Zeb can hold back no longer and explodes across Matthew's chest. Then he grabs Matthew's dick and strokes it until he shoots his load, the air charged with their grunts of pleasure.


Check out the Free Action trailer

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Esteban Del Toro And Paddy OBrian In PowerPlay!

Power Play

Estebab Dek Toro And Paddy O'Brian


Paddy O’Brian didn’t make it to the top of his company by being a caring and nice guy to his employees. And now that he is in total charge, he has set his lustful eye on Esteban Del Toro, who is submissive and easy to boss around. When Esteban is late for work, it’s the perfect opportunity for Paddy to flex his muscles — literally. If the employee wants to keep his job, then he’s got to do exactly what the boss wants! The first order of business is a blowjob, so Esteban gets between Paddy’s legs and starts sucking on the thick piece of meat hanging there. Paddy got to the top by being a power top, and that’s exactly what he demonstrates to Esteban. The bottom bends over, puckers up his hole, and does his best to relax himself so Paddy can slip in and start pumping him, because once he starts there’s no stopping him!

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Ripped Hung Max Marshall And Derek Parker Stripped!

Ripped Hung Max Marshall And Derek Parker Stripped!


Lust, rain o’er me. Toned and tall Max Marshall can’t resist a muscular and masculine stripper, so bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker is just what the doctor ordered. Max takes out his smartphone to video Derek’s pole dance, then both studs get the same idea and pop their cocks out. Max joinsDerek at the pole for a bruising lip lock, then Derek turns his attention to Max’s pole. It’s greater in diameter than the pole on the stage and it gives Derek’s jaws a hell of a workout. After punishing his throat muscles, Derek hops aboard Max’s massive hard on and punishes his sphincter with a literallap dance that leaves them both glistening with sweat. You can smell the testosterone! When Derek’s hole demands relief, they break for another make out session then resume fucking doggie style, then missionary. Max’s balls swing and slam. His pummeling thrusts become faster and shorter, signalingthat the end is near. Max’s mammoth shoots his load across the room and Derek blows his load.

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