Eduardo Picasso Impales Denis Sokolov | Tim Tales!

Eduardo Picasso Impales Denis Sokolov

Fuck Of His Life!

100% Raw!

Timtales Exclusive and notorious ass stretcher Eduardo Picasso is back to give Denis Sokolov the fuck of his life.
And by fuck, I mean ruthless hole-wrecking action. Denis turned out to be quite submissive with the hungriest hole. He took Eduardo’s colossal cock like a champ. Insatiably impaled by the biggest cock in the industry. Denis had goosebumps the entire shoot, a mixture of fear and pleasure. Another unforgettable scene with a legendary cock.



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Damon Heart Is Count Barebackula Exclusively At Lucas!

Damon Heart Is Count Barebackula!

Starring Alex Kof & Dylan James!

Awesome Series!

The story begins with British attorney Jonathan Harder (James Castle) arriving in the far-off land of Truvadia. He finds himself at Castle Bare, the home of Count Barebackula (Damon Heart), who greets and shows him his ancestral house. Barebackula is an eclectic fellow, and he keeps a harem of quiet and dark-eyed men, all of whom Jonathan finds himself enchanted by. It quickly becomes apparent to him that there’s far more going on than everything seems, as he watches two of these men fucking at the command of the count. Jonathan Harder watches on as Alex Kof and Dylan James engage in limitless carnal pleasure. In the scenario Alex shows Dylan how to ride his intimidating nine-inch uncut dick. Dylan, in turn, gets Alex on his back for balls-deep penetration.


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Young Muscle Stud Jay Mercer First Shoot | BentleyRace


Young Muscle Stud Jay Mercer


Jay is a beautiful young guy Austin Texas.  Jay was very keen to try out nude modelling. This tall lanky guy was also muscle bound and sporting a very nice long cock. This was the first shoot. Jay was a bit nervous at first, but he soon relaxed as his clothes came off and he started flexing those muscles. He’s a really softly spoken, and he wasn’t sure what to expect. His photos turned out great and he went on to make a very hot jacking off video. In his second video he also let himself be jacked off. Love to see him in action with other guys.





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Rikk York Takes D.K’s Huge Dick On Lucas

Rikk York Takes D.K’s Huge Dick!



Closing out the Fire Island production is D.K.’s huge dick. Some of the Lucas Entertainment models were intimidated by the size D.K is packing in his pants, but Rikk York was up to the challenge. Rikk is a really handsome guy, and the look on his face when he has a huge black cock deep in his ass is exquisite. Check out this encounter and see for yourself!


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Ralph Woods & Josh Elliot Flip FUCK Raw | Belami!

Ralph Woods & Josh Elliot Flip FUCK Raw!

Josh Elliott and the French Quebecer, Ralph Woods, communicating in English with a bit of French thrown in, which, naturally, leads to the next segment of them getting down and dirty, but not before a short playful jaunt on the beach in Cape Town where they shower off before heading to the house for an intercultural exchange in a very intimate manner. “I shouldn’t cheat on Brandon,” Josh remarks as Ralph gets all squishy with him. (Brandon? Hmm, how interesting.) But the cute and cuddly Ralphie, being ever so naughty, convinces Josh that what they’re about to do doesn’t count since they don’t love each other. Hmm, beware of cute and cuddly French Canadians with only one thing on their minds … sex! Ralph is an expert at sucking cock and can take Josh’s in one gulp without flinching. Unfortunately, Josh can’t return the favor since Ralph has one super long appendage. Josh, though, has other talents which sates Ralph’s needs quite satisfactorily. As they say, it’s not the size, but how … yes, you know the rest.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Kris Evans And Zac DeHaan | Belami!

Kris Evans And Zac DeHaan!


Today is part 2, and the video part of the photo special with Kris and Zac from Loving Kris. They are in front of the camera of Belami’s regular guest photographer, Rick Day. For the 2nd part the team managed to convince Rick to put down his camera for a bit so that they could film the JO part of the clip. A special sizzling treat from two of the hottest Belami bulked up stars!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo, Jake Archer Intimate | Falcon!

Ryan Rose, Gabriel Alanzo & Jake Archer


Jake Archer is in his underwear in the living room checking out his phone when Gabriel Alanzo enters while listening to his headphones.  Gabriel is dancing and making Jake giggle when he comes over and puts the move on Jake.  They make out and grind pelvis’s through their tighty whities when Ryan Rose walks in and joins the action. 


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Devon Franco Dbl Fucked By Vic, Javi, Drae & Angel | Lucas!

Devin Franco Dbl Fucked By Vic, Javi, Drae & Angel

100% Raw!

Devin Franco is the center of attention in this five-way raw fuck fest, and it’s Andrey Vic who takes a special interest in pounding his ass bareback. Angel Cruz, Javi Velaro, and Drae Axtell get in on the fun – and it’s guaranteed that you’ll see plenty of thrusting asses and hard cocks ready to cum. But not before Andrey and Angel squeeze into Devin’s ass and fuck him together. Two cocks in one butt is a lot of bottoming to handle, but Devin is up for it. He’s one dependable bottom!


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Spencer Fox And Lucas Young Huge Cocked | Falcon!


Spencer Fox And Lucas Young Two Huge Cocked Guys

Super Hot!

Spencer Fox and Lucas Young are two huge-cocked, and hard-bodied studs making out. After they clang their big “swords” together for a moment, Spencer quickly gets down on his knees to service Lucas’s meat. Swallowing and gulping down every inch,Spencer strokes his dick as Lucas force-feeds him his. Shoving his balls in Spencer’s mouth, Lucas pulls them out and then pushes his uncut cock deep down Spencer’s throat. Lucas grabs onto Spencer’s head and pulls hard forcing every inch down his throat. Lucas sits back on a chair to work on Spencer’s whopper, stroking away at his cock as he takes all of Spencer’s manhood in his mouth and throat. Tugging on Spencer’s balls as he swallows his cock, Lucas urges Spencer to put a leg up on the back of the chair so he can fuck his mouth. Spencer’s exposed hole is inviting, but Lucas goes to town on his cock and lets Spencer fuck his mouth hard. 



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