Hung Hottie Cain At ChaosMen

One Hot Motha Fucka Cain At

Cain is one hot motha fucka! Ok, so he looks a little bit like a certain well known porn star Mr. M. Rush, but in his own even hotter way. This kid is just one of those models that you will want to see more of. He loves the camera and loves showing off, but not sure he is  got ready to work with a dude.

Cain is straight, but has figured out his ass is prime real estate, and at the end of the video, he needed something extra to get him over the top. We don’t know why we find it especially hot to see a big slab of masculine beef like him finger his prostate, but it is for sure extra stimulating for him and viewer alike. 

Cain is a cage fighter, who has a few bruises here and there, and it sounds like it might be something he does full time. But if that doesn’t work out, hopefully we can get him back for more, because this guy is without a doubt, should be doing porn for a living.   Enjoy.

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Muscleman Khalid Ezra Dulce de Leche


It’s Hotter Than Ever! 


Khalid Ezra Dulce de Leche

One of the specialties in many South American countries is Dulce de Leche. It is full of caramel and creme to which many people ooh, aah and gush … If you happen to meet Khalid Ezra you should definitely invite him for dessert. Khalid however is solid and hard with a beautiful symmetry and skin. Powerman Khalid can definitely make you melt. 



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John Magnum And Bo Dean A Rude Awakening

John Magnum Bo Dean A Rude Awakening

Next Door Buddies

Don't you love waking up with a dick rubbing your feet?Bo Dean does! John Magnum has snuck up on his buddy and decided to snap some pics of Bo's ballsack and ass with his camera phone. When Bo wakes up, John already has his rock hard boner fucking Bo's bare tootsies.

Although John took advantage of his sleeping friend's feet, Bo isn't mad at all. In fact, he's quite turned on.John is happy to give Bo a wakie-wakie cock sucking after seeing the size of his juicy erection. And Bo knows the whole foot fucking thing was all in good fun. That's why he's willing to slurp John's cock 'till it erupts with steaming jizz. 


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Payne II – Totally Pumped Joins The Fratpad

Payne II – Totally Pumped At Fratmen.TV

Payne has been spending lots of time in the FratPad gym and he’s totally pumped! In the photos you can see Paynes flawless physique and perfect mushroom head cock at full salute.

The fun part begins in the video where the scene opens with Payne in bed wearing khaki shorts and a flannel shirt watching straight porn. His fat mushroom head cock gets a bit hard and he strips down to his underwear, teasing himself to totally hard cock. Payne is masculine and sensual as best shown when he releases his full load at the end of this video. This video is a must see for all muscle worshipers out there, or anyone that appreciates a fine physique and perfect cock. 

SEASON 10 At The Fratpad

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SEASON 10 At The Fratpad

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Falcons Tyler Andrews And Shane Frost Pool Party

Tyler Andrews And Shane Frost In Pool Party

Leaning against the big Tiki god in his tropical garden, Shane Frost’s got his hands full as he jerks off. Tyler Andrews walks by and offers a hand, well, rather his mouth. He gets down on his knees and opens up to suck down Shane’s cock. Shane can barely contain himself as Tyler knoshes greedily on his dick without coming up for air. Before long Shane gets his chance to repay his buddy in kind and he clamps his lips tight around Tyler’s dick. But Tyler wants to feed some more and this time he targets Shane’s asshole. He licks and teases the puckered crevice, jabbing a finger inside to prep it for a bigger assault. Tyler then fucks Shane’s manhole, pumping it fast and furious until they both shoot their loads.


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If you loved Falcon before you will love it even more now!!


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ManHungry COLTstudios Sizzling Scene 4

ManHungry cene 4

Freddie Costa, Antonio Russo, Max Summers

In the gym, three hot muscled studs, bare assed and clad only in jockstraps are sweating it up, getting nasty with the weights and each other. Grunts fill the gym as they pound out the reps, posing and flexing and checking out each other’s hard muscled bodies. The electricity in the air is downright HOT and STEAMY.

Face to face to face, these guys get close up and personal with each other, reaching out and helping themselves to a feel of those bulging jockstrap pouches. The cocks come out to play and everyone is sporting a raging hard boner on full display. Max gets in between these two muscle-hunks and gets down on his knees to appreciate these monster uncut tools up close. Deep throated sucking and big dicked stroking; Max knows just how to handle two big cocks.

Taking their time sweet time indulging and feeding on each other’s cocks, the air becomes charged with sexual tension as the need to fuck builds with each passing groan of pleasure. Using a nearby bench, Max assumes the position and gets ready to take it from both ends. As Antonio delivers the pounding from behind as Freddie feeds Max a mouthful of thick juicy cock. Freddie and Antonio generously share duties, switching off and giving Max the double ended fuck he won’t soon forget.

As the sweat continues to fly, loads of cum come bubbling to the surface. One by one these guys go over the edge, grunting and groaning as they erupt. Hot loads, steamy hot sex, worn-out muscles and worn-out cocks… every workout should feel this good.

Antonio Russo


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Freddy Costa


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Damon Danilo Window Gazing On ManifestMen

Damon Danilo Window Gazing  On

Check the preview area of the site for the time. Hung young stud Damon Danilo is always excited to see each of you!

Damon Danilo is one of the hottest models at  Damon is 25, 190 lbs, 5′10", Biceps 18", chest 48", waist 29", cock 10".  We’ll take him thank you!  You will also love him in the video, "Dreams".  Enjoy this super classy stud at

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Tim Hamilton And Danny Saradon Warm You Up

Tim Hamilton And Danny Saradon Warm You Up

We celebrate the season this week with a extra special classic photoset of Tim Hamilton & Danny Saradon. These 2 studs are some of the most popular BelAmi boys around and it’s easy to see why. Both have beautiful faces, great muscled bodies, sweet bubble asses and nice uncut cocks. Let the hot boys of BelAmiOnline warm you up this season!

 You won’t believe who’s cumming!

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[flv: 450 284]

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DestinationMale Nominated For Award

DM Nominated For CyberSocket

Best Adult Hookup Site Award!

DM has been nomiated again for the second season by our friends and members.

You have a little time left to vote! 

Please take a moment and do it now!

It’ll only take a minute!

Thank you as always for your support.

Stay Tuned DM is about to get a total Make Over!

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