Karl Kasper Showing Ripped And Tan On JockButt

Karl Kasper Showing Up Ripped And Tan

On JockButt.com

JockButt.com presents handsome, powerful, bodybuilder Karl Kasper, just days after winning his latest competition. Ripped and tan, powerful pro-caliber legs with an Ass for the Ages. And, lucky us, he LOVES to show it off. Part II of this beautiful,massive muscle god’s jockstrapped ass worship video. Karl really knows how to deliver exactly what you need. So get on your knees, guys, and get to work !


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  Check Out Our MarkWolff Model Of The Day!

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Landon Conrad And Chaz Riley In BigWood

Landon Conrad Tops Chaz Riley

In Falcon’s BigWood

After pissing out his campfire, Chaz Riley takes a hike. He soon comes upon Landon Conrad standing alone aboard an abandoned train trestle playing with his cock. Wow … and Chaz wants in on that action! He swoops in and swallows Landon’s woody down his gullet, knoshing hungrily away on its hefty thickness. Next it’s Landon’s turn to chop the big guy down to size. He falls to his knees to suck on Chaz’s dick and then rim his asshole. Once Chaz’s sweet sphincter is ready and slicked with spit, Landon fucks him hard. Soon both of them are all jazzed up and neither can hold back any longer. Chaz and Landon jerk themselves off excitedly and then explode with bursts of cum.


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Marco Blaze Breaks Records At MENATPLAY Pt 1

Marco Blaze
Age: 26
Sexuality: Gay
Role: Versatile
Height: 5'10
Dick size: 9" Very Thick
Many of you know Marco from a couple of other sites.  One this is certain, if you've seen him and his huge beautiful cock and smooth lean body and handsome sultry sexy face you would not forget him.  Many of you will be surprised to find out Marco is much more versatile than you ever thought!
Marco Blaze literally took everyone’s breath away here in the Menatplay office when he sashayed in from Argentina with his gorgeous looks and bronzed, toned physique – he even brought some of the South American sun with him. Having just recovered from those sultry eyes and full lips, what lay beneath his trousers caused yet another collective gasp – his beautiful monster cock. As soon as you see it you’ll just want to have your lips around it all day long. In or out of a suit, this guy is well on the way to becoming another Menatplay favourite.


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Federico D’ Angelo and Jordan Fox At LucasKazan

  Federico D’ Angelo and Jordan Fox

In the Model’s Gallery

At LucasKazan.com

A porn star from France and a newcomer from Rome, a strong top and a voracious bottom, 9 inches and a gaping hole… I knew they’d be a great match, and it turns out they were in fact perfect. Federico D’Angelo and Jordan Fox were all over each other — and you can tell. Language barriers? None. They resorted to… Spanish.

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Take the tour


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 More Of These Two Hot Studs In Action!

Starring Jordan Fox & Federico D’Angelo

At LucasKasan.com!

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Brady Jensen Gym Buddy At SG4GE


 Brady Jensen Gym Buddy

At StraightGuys4GayEyes.com

When you work out in the gym as often as Brady Jensen does, it’s important to mix up the routine once in a while to make it less boring and focus on areas of the body that demand special attention.  Thisblond-haired all-American hunk let us into his private weight room for one of the most erotic workouts you’re likely to see.  Bench press, squats, clean and jerk…it’s all here. Since Brady likes to take off his tank top and shorts to check himself out, it’s inevitable that his big piece of meat will pop out now and then.  Watch him stroke and play with it until he finally has to jack off before hitting the showers.

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 Take the XXX tour


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Four Horny Hunky Men Strip And Wank

Four Horny Hunky Men Strip And Wank

At Englishlads.com

Four Straight Hunky Men – In a Horny Strip and Wanking Session!
Four of the sites favourite straight hunks come together for a play round the table. The teasing ends when Andy pulls down his boxers and two of the lads not quite prepared for what flops out can not believe the size of Andy’s meat and are slightly hesitant about pulling down their own boxers! The guys are in fits of laughter as suddenly cock size comparisons, some hard some semi seem to have sent the lads into fits of laughter! The lads enjoy comparing and teasing each other about their body parts; Jay is as hard as a rock from the start, slightly embarrassed, though decides its best to just show it off and shame the others into also getting hard! Most body parts are compared and they all come in for close up ass shots, all of them slightly hairy, some cheeks spread very wide! A little more competitive wanking next to each other and J is first to shoot, followed by Andy who does another unbelievable cum shot; Leon slips his out quickly followed by Hayden! Wow how much fun can four straight lads have!


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Take the tour


Andy Lee 

Hayden Harris

Jay Hall

Leon Oliver

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French Canadian Muscle Phillip St. Paul At LMS

French Canadian Muscle Man Philip St. Paul

 At LiveMuscleShow.com

French Canadian Muscle Man Philip St. Paul has brains to match his brawn. Well developed, from his washboard abs to his fine well developed mind, Philip studies to be chiropractor and has a deep passion for modern art… well Philip… we happen to think YOU are a work of modern art!

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Porn Star Brad Star Is Back At Badpuppy

Porn Star Brad Star Is Back At Badpuppy.com!

Porn star Brad Star is back in the adult industry and we’re thrilled to have him! Looking hotter than ever, with his trademarked big dick and star tattoos we’re glad to have him here for you! Brad is a stud and while he’s done countless porn movies, we love the new look and hope to see more of him soon.


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* And So Much More…..


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Impressive Ludovic Bogaert At Muscle Gallery!

Impressive Muscle Ludovic Bogaert

 At Muscle Gallery! 

At 22 years old, Ludovic Bogaert recently won the 2010 NAC World Championships in Spain in the Junior Category. Ludovic works in Northern France as a security agent and body guard. At 5’7" and 205 lbs, he possesses a very pleasing symmetry at such a young age and wants to explore his career as both a physique model and bodybuilder and add more muscle. While Ludovic may seem unique, you have not yet seen his twin brother Greg, who is also a bodybuilder. Check back soon for future MuscleGallery updates with a double impact!


What Is MuscleGallery.com

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, MG.com travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world. MuscleGallery.com doesn’t sign just any athlete; only the best are good enough. MG’s members can enjoy an enormous library of original and unique video clips in all formats and spectacular image galleries.

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 Get off with naked muscle now at LiveMuscleShow

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Jack DragonTops Max Summers

Scene 1 – Jack Dragon tops Max Summers

 At COLTStudios.com

After a day of exploring the city together, muscle-studs Jack Dragon and Max Summer arrive at home horny and hungry for a more intimate kind of exploration. Once they are finally alone they go at it with a frenzy, stripping down, kissing and man-handling each other with a Man Hungry appetite.

Max hits his knees and indulges himself with greedy mouthfuls of Jack’s rock hard uncut cock. Slurping, stroking and deep throating it to the hilt, Max shows his love for giving head to such a beautiful uncut tool.

After enjoying the oral attention, Jack turns his attention toMax’s sweet muscled ass. Pushing his playmate back on the couch, Jack lifts those legs and spreads those cheeks. He works his way from rimming and probing that tight hole to slurping and sucking that thick swollen cock. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Jack steps up and drives his cock deep into that ready and willing hole. Right out of the gate it’s a fast and furious, ass-pounding fuck. Max takes it long and hard, in every ass splitting position Jack puts him in. Drilling and pounding as deep and as hard as he can with every thrust, Jack power-fucks that ass.

Faster and harder, the moans fill the room as Jack gushes out a drenching load. Sweat and cum fly, landing in splatters across Max’s used ass. Soaked in cum and ready to blow, Max hammers out a nut busting load. For a Man Hungry appetite, a good hard fuck sure does satisfy.

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