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Muscle All-Star Kyle Dean FUCKS His Coach Derek Jones

Kyle Dean learns a few new poses from Coach Derek Jones. Kyle Dean has his physique competition coming up and needed some quick coaching for the final few weeks. Derek Jones has been lifting for years and has built many champions with his incredible training program. Coach always knows best and had Kyle Dean do some of his regular proven poses. Derek knew Kyle really wanted to win, so coach asked him he he'd do whatever it took to win. Kyle of course agreed and was super jacked on Derek's professional help & advice. That's when Derek started to get a little fresh with Kyle and had him strip naked. He grabbed Kyle's dick and asked him if he had been taking his supplements. Kyle said, "yes coach." So Derek got to his knees and said, I'm about to find out if you're lying to me. Derek instructed Kyle to fuck him which would make his dick stronger.

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Derrick & Wade | SouthernStrokes!

Derrick & Wade

North Georgia Hot Stuff!

Derrick's girlfriend sent him over to Soutnern Strokes. Wade has always been a favorite at Southern Strokes they rewarded him with breaking in the straight boy. The thing most attractive about Derrick was that he really didn't work out other than putting in a honest day's work 5 days a week. The two got naked and got up on their knees on the bed and started with kissing each other as they each fondled the other's jewels. Wade leaned over and took Derrick's cock in his mouth and showed him how to take it nice and slow and deep. Derrick didn't hesitate when it was his turn going in for more of Wade's thick uncut cock. Derrick did surprise when he went in for more this time Derrick grabbed hold of the Wade's cock and slowly took it all the way down his throat. Hot stuff! Enjoy!


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William Seed, Alexy Tyler, Shawn Hardy |!

William Seed, Alexy Tyler & Shawn Hardy

Closet Peepers!


William Seed is caught masturbating by Alexy Tyler and Shawn Hardy—turning those two into cock-crazed horn balls. William’s seed is licked up from where he left it and Alexy and Shawn get to pounding in his bed. After an awkward encounter, William loosens up and joins in on the ass-fucking fun when he barrels Alexy Tyler’s sweet hole to completion.



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Sean Duran & Jack Hunter Ultra Fan Scene | NakedSword!


Sean Duran & Jack Hunter Ultra Fan Scene

A Shocking Discovery! 

"A Shocking Discovery" The fun and games come to an abrupt end when Brent Corrigan is given private access to a horrific live video feed showing his assistant Jack Hunter gagged and shackled in the back of a truck. A maniacal Sean Duran paddles Jack’s big round ass and teases him with an electric wand. Unable to to resist his captive’s massive cock, Duran gets on his knees. The studs fuck and eat each other’s loads!


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Up Close With Russian Stud Alexander Volkov | Lucas!

Up Close With Russian Stud Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov is a gorgeous blond beefcake of a man straight from the lands of Russia, and will debut in his first scene on Lucas Entertainment in a gay bareback sex action. Don't miss his incredible debut with Adam Killian, who is the only guy we could think of with the skill to show him the ropes of gay porn! To see more from Alexander Volkov, please follow him on Instagram at: THEJUDASKISSNYC. And please follow him on Twitter: @VolkovAlexXXX.

Position: Bottom/Versatile
Dick Size: 8.5''
Height: 5'7



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Sweet Joshia Deep Dicked By Landon | SeanCody!

Sweet Joshia Deep Dicked By Landon!

When Josiah found out that he was going to be paired up with Landon for his first sex scene on Sean Cody, he was over the moon about it. “I’ve seen him in action, and I felt the same feeling when people win the lottery!” Landon was pleasantly surprised to hear that Josiah has been a Sean Cody fan for years, so he wanted to give some extra special attention to the newbie. “Yeah, we’ve already clicked a little bit…probably click some more here later” And that they did! Josiah was left happily worn out by the time Landon was done with him!


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