ManHungry cene 4

Freddie Costa, Antonio Russo, Max Summers

In the gym, three hot muscled studs, bare assed and clad only in jockstraps are sweating it up, getting nasty with the weights and each other. Grunts fill the gym as they pound out the reps, posing and flexing and checking out each other’s hard muscled bodies. The electricity in the air is downright HOT and STEAMY.

Face to face to face, these guys get close up and personal with each other, reaching out and helping themselves to a feel of those bulging jockstrap pouches. The cocks come out to play and everyone is sporting a raging hard boner on full display. Max gets in between these two muscle-hunks and gets down on his knees to appreciate these monster uncut tools up close. Deep throated sucking and big dicked stroking; Max knows just how to handle two big cocks.

Taking their time sweet time indulging and feeding on each other’s cocks, the air becomes charged with sexual tension as the need to fuck builds with each passing groan of pleasure. Using a nearby bench, Max assumes the position and gets ready to take it from both ends. As Antonio delivers the pounding from behind as Freddie feeds Max a mouthful of thick juicy cock. Freddie and Antonio generously share duties, switching off and giving Max the double ended fuck he won’t soon forget.

As the sweat continues to fly, loads of cum come bubbling to the surface. One by one these guys go over the edge, grunting and groaning as they erupt. Hot loads, steamy hot sex, worn-out muscles and worn-out cocks… every workout should feel this good.

Antonio Russo


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Freddy Costa


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