Ethans Dick Is Simply Huge

Ethans Dick Is Simply Huge When Jess found out Sean pays a referral to people who find them hot models, his eyes got wide. "Oh, man, dude," he said, in that fast-motion way of his. "I could totally do that!" So he went home and talked it over with his girlfriend, who was also all about it. "You mean all we have to do is find hot guys?" she reportedly said.


 Hottie Jess Above Referred Ethan

So, the two of them put on their swim wear and flip-flops and bicycled down to the beach. They approached a few guys without success, and then they saw a cute guy with glasses and headphones, shirtless and by himself, reading a book.

Apparently, the girlfriend took the lead and went over to the guy. I don’t know what she said, but it must have worked, because he let her take some pictures. She’s really pretty, too, so I’m sure that didn’t hurt!

When I saw the pictures, Sean was impressed. The guy was clean cut, with a big, white smile, a handsome, chiseled face, and a lean, muscular bod. Sean was also impressed that Jess was so successful so quickly!

So, Jess set it up to meet him in person. Turns out his name is Ethan and he lives in a house by the beach with a bunch of other hot, young guys. Ethan was super polite and he ended his responses to my questions with "sir."

Sean got to know him a little better and then asked if he could see him naked. Surprisingly he didn’t hesitate or seem nervous at all. He simply smiled and said, "Sure."  He stood up, undid his pant and let them drop. As he stood there butt-ass naked, Sean realized why he wasn’t shy.

His dick is HUGE! Even soft, it hung halfway down his leg. Seriously. "Want me to get hard?" he asked, politely.  DUH!  He did, and his monster got even bigger. It had to be at least nine inches, probably closer to ten. We are in heaven! Thank you, Jess! 


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