Isaiah Young Str8 With 6 Pak And Warm Smile


Isaiah is a hard working kid. He has several jobs, none of which are paying a whole lot. He is very focused on staying stable and ahead of the game.  He is straight, but has a lot of gay friends, some of which recommended that he come do a video for Why make minimum wage when you look like Isaiah? He is not shy about showing off his junk, so his friends knew he was a natural exhibitionist.

We waited a bit for his pubes to grow back, and in the interim, he broke up with a girlfriend that was creating more drama in his life than he needed.  So he showed up eager to perform, and nothing but a bright future ahead of him.  Isaiah is one of those few models that truly engages the audience, and you will for sure think he is performing just for you. 

So we will just have to see how far his limits will go!

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Take the XXX tour


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