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Carey Lexes was in his room jamming to his tunes, dancing in front of his mirror when Gary McAdams walks up to his bedroom door. It’s not long before Carey is dancing naked and Gary starts rubbing his chest and his cock thru his jeans. Carey catches Gary staring at him in the mirror. Both boys’ cocks are as hard as their bodies and Gary drops to his knees and begins servicing Carey’s hot cock. After just a few moments of him sucking Gary’s cock Gary pulls out of Carey’s mouth and shoots a sweet load of jizz all over Carey’s face and hair.

This really turns on Carey as his cock, without being touched, begins spurting cum all over the floor as it drips off his shaft.  Not finished by any long shot, Gary leads Carey over to the chair where with one leg propped up he gives up his ass. Carey buries his face and tongue just as deep in Gary’s sweet hole as it will go. After loosening Gary’s hole, Carey stands up and slowly pushes his thick cock deep into Gary’s ass and Gary moans with pleasure.

It’s not long before Carey wants Gary’s hot meat shoved up his ass. So with Gary sitting on the chair, Carey slides down on top of Gary’s cock. Carey starts riding and bouncing up and down, eager to get Gary’s cock as deep inside as possible. As Gary’s cock pushes Carey’s prostrate; the cum oozes out all over Gary and Carey. Carey, ready to pop, pulls out and shoots his sweet cum all over Gary’s cock and balls.

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