Beau Flexxs Ten Incher Serviced

At JakeCruise

Last time we saw the handsome and studlyBeau Flexxx, he was being serviced from head to toe by Jake Cruise.  Now, in his return engagement, Beau is treated to an extraordinary massage including ye ole happy ending by Jasun Mark, who members well.  Jasun is an weightlifter and uses his arm muscles to maximum advantage as he digs deep into Beau's aching back and sore legs. 

 Every masseur has his own special technique and Jasun's involves substituting his tongue to get to those often-neglected anal muscles.  While Beau drifts into the Land of Ecstasy, Jasun stimulates Beau's genitals with expert ball-licking and cock sucking.  Keep in mind that with a length of 10+ inches, Beau had NEVER had anyone swallow his dick all the way.  Until now!  Jasun'

The Tour

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