Brazilian Hottie Chale At LatinBoyz

•Birthplace: Sao Paulo
•Birthdate: November 14th (Scorpio)
•Height: 5ft 11 inches (180 centimeters)
•Weight: 170 lbs. (77 kilograms)
•Dick: 8 uncut (20 centimeters) 

You wouldn't know it by looking at him but Chale is a shy guy. We met him at a bar where he was auditioning to be a go go dancer. He was nervous about taking his shirt off in front of everyone but once he did and the crowd got a look at his sexy cut up body he started relaxing (and making some serious tips). He must have gained a lot of confidence that night because the next day he took of a lot more than his shirt for our cameras. Turns out he has a nice thick uncut dick and cute ass, too.


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