Cameron Foster And Donny Wright

Attention To Detail 

 A NextDoorBuddy Exclusive 


Donny Wright contracted Cameron Foster to redesign his club. Cameron is happy for the work, but he has taken this job with an ulterior motive. Knowing that Donny's club is a gay club, Cameron puts two and two together and figures he may be able to indulge in a secret fantasy. Donny shares his excitement and makes a move on Cameron's thigh. Cameron is a bit nervous but  Donny's touch just feels right. When Donny grabs his package and Cameron's shaft swells Cameron goe with his instincts and lets Donny have his way with him.  Donny is up to the challenge, falling to his knees and sucking Cameron off until he's good and hard. Cameron tries his hand at it and he's a natural at it, taking Donny balls deep and smacking Donny's head against his tongue and lips. Donny asks Cameron if he'd like to get fucked and Cameron is ready, willing and able, so Donny eases it in at first, but as he sees Cameron getting more and more turned on with every thrust, he begins to pound harder until he isfucking Cameron's ass with every ounce of his energy. Cameron strokes his cock as Donny fucks him from the side, shooting his load messily all over his legs, and then Donny lets loose with such a massive load that Cameron thinks it's all over twice, only to be blasted by even more cum.


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