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Looks like we have caught Cody at the end of his photoshoot and he has decided to let us stay and watch them finish it up.  With so many lights and a beautiful background,Cody’s body looks more stunning than ever. He wraps up the shoot and gets his cock hard and ready by bending over in front of the window and stroking slowly with sounds of pleasure. Cody doesn’t mind if anybody can see him playing with that huge dick of his but the view is too gorgeous to miss and the explosive ender is even better. Enjoy! 

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Well another week of shooting has come to a conclusion, and now, in the final throes of the weekend, Cody Cummings & Crissy Moon are relaxing and winding down, recuperating from the worn out week. But Crissy is not quite satisfied and cannot seem to get enough of Cody’s dick. It seems she’s angling for one more roll in the sack before the week concludes. And as a bonus, they have decided to invite Marko Lebeau along for the ride. Watch as the three of them spend what little they have left, fucking & sucking in a 3 way rotation that ends in a double shot of sticky mess all over Crissy’s moon.

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