COLT’s RIPPED No Pain All Gain Scene 4!



COLT Man Nate Karlton tops COLT Man Gage Weston 

With all these COLT men in one movie, the sexual energy permeates the air. And when COLT Men Nate Karlton and Gage Weston find themselves together in the same room… well, lets just hope the fire extinguishers are near by.

Nate pounces on top of Gage and smothers him with a hot and passionate kiss. Gage’s sex drive flips ion like a switch into hyper drive as he kisses back with the same hungry passion. AS they strip away each others clothes, Nate helps himself to greedy handfuls of Gage’s rock hard cock and perfect ass.

Getting down to serious business they feed each other their raging cocks, cock above and cock below… cock, in every juicy direction.

Nate positions Gage right where he wants him, turning him around on the couch Nate feasts on Gage’s hot muscled ass. Probing with his tongue and fingers he works that hole, getting it ready and willing for what they both know comes next.

Rock hard and ready to fuck, Gage climbs up on top of Nate’s raging hard cock and slams his ass down hard. It’s all out fucking, hard and wild, right out of the gate. Deep, hard and in every position imaginable, Nate and Gage POWER fuck. Nate pummels that ass and Gage takes every hard pounding inch like a real man. Back on top, Gage rides that cock over the edge, jacking himself off in a thick gushing load of hot cum. Nate fires back and explodes his own hot geyser of cum all over Gage’s heaving torso.

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