Connor Maguire And Alex Greene

Today we have a couple of new faces for you on The first is Connor Maguire from Miami. The second addition to the fold is Alexander Greene from Jersey. Connor is checking his cell when Alexander comes in with girlfriend drama. Apparently his dick’s too big and she won’t take it—AMATEURS! Connor doesn’t believe him and asks him to show him. Alexander undoes his jeans and his cock is already rock hard. Connor is amazed at how big that dick is. He strokes it through his briefs a bit before taking it out to get a better look. “Can I put it in my mouth?” Connor asks as he looks up at Connor with puppy dog eyes. Alexander can only moan as he gets his thick cock sucked. They stand and compare equipment as they jerk and get harder. “Whoa that’s a tight ass” Alexander amazes as his cock slowly makes its way inside. Connor’s str8 ass isn’t giving it up easily and as Alexander gets that ass used to his thick cock, Connor just grunts and groans while doing his best to accommodate it. Alexander fucks Connor’s beefy ass doggy style before he flips Connor over and fucks him like he wanted to fuck his girlfriend—on his back with his legs in the air. He slides his massive cock back inside that tight hole as he keeps fucking. Alexander’s not done yet as he sits back and has Connor ride his cock. Connor impales himself on that dick and bounces on it as they both get closer to cumming.” 

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