Scene 5 – Gabriel Lenfant tops Brenden Cage


 Tucked away in a cozy cabin bedroom, COLT Man Brenden Cage is sprawled out naked on the bed, rock hard and lovingly stroking his fat cock. Soon he is joined on the bed by an eager playmate, Gabriel Lenfant. Gabriel crawls onto the bed and immediately makes his way toward that fat, glistening cock. With passion he devours that cock, letting his hands and mouth explore freely, finding his way up and down the full length of Brenden’s hard body, finding his way to a lip locked and passionate kiss.

Fully aroused, Brenden comes back at Gabriel with an equal passion and hunger, eagerly using his hands, his lips, and his hard cock to give his partner the full one-on-one sexual experience. Taking turns, giving dedicated mutual cock worship, these guys tune in and lose themselves in each other.

Passionate kissing and heavy grinding lead the way as Gabriel drives his cock deep into Brenden’s hot ass. On his back, Brenden takes it deep and long as he strokes a steady flow of pre-cum from his throbbing hot cock. Gabriel delivers with long and slow deep fuck session, giving Brenden everything he’s got.

Getting his ass drilled sends Brenden into overload. Jacking his cock he explodes. Hot cum shoots everywhere, giving Gabriel the last spark he needs to blow his fuse. Cock in hand he drenches himself in a thick and creamy load of cum. 

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