Gavin Classic Blonde Hottie At PerfectGuyz!

Gavin Waters
Zodiac: Gemini
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 6′ 0"
Weight: 190lb
Waist: 32"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 10
Cock: 8" uncut
Physique: Ripped

Many expletives come to mind when describing Gavin Waters. But the best word to describe Gavin is pretty awesome! . He has classic All-American appeal with undeniable charisma, balanced with a spirited personality. Gavin describes himself as a sexual guy – preferring a hot guy or a hot girl depending on the situation and his mood. We can only imagine the hordes of admirers that line up for this beautiful stud. Although he hits the gym almost every day, he told us that he’s not a gym rat. Armed with a headset and cool music, the gym serves as a vehicle for mental “release”, with the physical gains as merely serendipitous. Whatever the reason, the time invested in the “iron” has definitely paid off. Gavin Waters has a sleek, slender body with fine musculature. The corrugated muscled planes of his abs, hard biceps, lean muscular legs, taught round ass, and perfect eight inch cock and are a testament to his virility. Sharing a glimpse of his adventurous side, Gavin told us that his ultimate fantasy is a “Threesome” and …he has yet to fulfill it! Do we have any interested parties? Enjoy this special PerfectGuyz presentation of Gavin Waters.

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