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Jo Panther is one of those muscle hunks you just can’t resist, and he has a lot more to offer the modeling world other than his lovely body. This muscle bound lovely has a face do die for. You could just picture it on a thousand billboards across the land advertising aftershave perhaps. Jo looks after himself, anyone can see that, but how does he do it? And what does he get out of it. Well to put it simply, Jo spends most of his waking life dedicated to bodybuilding and the fine tuning of his perfectly proportioned muscle hunk image. He enjoys doing this by working out in the gym, but Jo is also an outdoors kind of guy, and can often be found running in the middle of nowhere; he is that truly mysterious type of hunky guy! And what he gets out of his efforts is clear to see. He gets muscle worship and general adoration from all who meet him on Livemuscleshow, and to Jo Panther this is all he needs. You can see him now, you won’t regret a moment on Livemuscleshow.

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