Hard Action – minute man 35

Scene 2 – Dominic Valentine


During a hike along a rock strewn trail, Dominic feels the thrill of some hot outdoor exhibitionism. Showing off his rock-hard abs he strips away his tank top and undoes the top button on his jean. Feeling the excitement Dominic daringly lowers his jeans, slowly he reveals more of his hot body, his round muscled ass, his massive uncut cock. Out in the open and throwing caution to the wind he lets it all hang out, stroking, squeezing and waving his monster dick in the air as he nurses a hefty load. With his rock hard cock on full display and oozing a steady stream of pre-cum, Dominic gets completely naked, stretches out on a rock and gets down to some serious business. With his legs spread wide open, he jacks his meat with a fist pounding fury. Grunts and groans fill the air as Dominic spills a nut busting load!

There’s nothing like some fresh air, getting naked and enjoying a hot outdoor jack-off session to clear your head… and your cum swollen balls. 

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