The Shaft Room

Harry Louis And Axel Brooks


Its break time in the Menatplay Office and Harry Louis takes a moment to read the papers and catch up on the news, but his concentration is soon broken when Axel Brooks walks into the staff room and starts stripping out of his clothes to change into his business suit right in front of him. As soon as Axel's t-shirt comes off, Harry's attention is drawn to his hairy, muscular body, peeking over the newspaper which he also uses to hide the growing bulge in his trousers. And when he thinks Axel isn't looking, he cheekily takes out his monster cock and starts stroking it behind the newspaper. But it seems that Axel does notice, and he wants in on the dick action as he pulls the newspaper away and grabs Harry's cock, getting down on his knees to swallow it whole before receiving the pounding of his life. And as if that wasn't enough he gets absolutely showered in Harry's hot cum. This is one explosive pairing that you do not want to miss!


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