Jesse Jones Nine Inch Hot Canuck


 Jessy Jones is an experienced porn performer with about 25 movies (and 9 inches!) under his belt. Now he makes his premiere onSG4GE and what a debut it turns out to be. Jessy is clean-cut with a handsome face and can-do attitude. His playmate slides off his jeans until Jessy has nothing on but a sexy pair of tight white briefs, his raging hard-on barely contained. When his super-long, super-thick cock is finally exposed, it’s quite the visual. It gets swallowed, slurped and sucked. You ass lovers also get a treat when Jessy gets on all fours and has his hole rimmed. The fucking begins on the sofa, Jessy sitting up as his friend Alexa rides his dick. He then drills her from behind (her moans of ecstasy tell the story) and even after she cums Jessy is far from finished. This porn star has stamina for days and the icing on the cake is the huge load of cum he spills at the end.

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