Introducing Carl At

Carl is from New York. You can hear it in his accent. And he’s very, very Italian. My mom and pop are both Italian, he said. Carl comes from a strong Catholic upbringing. He’s got 5 brothers and 5 sisters.

Sean had seen pictures of Carl and knew what he had in his pants. He’s got a big cock, measuring in at about 8.5 inches, but it’s his balls that are truly amazing. At full drop, they hang nearly 6 inches. When Carl first came in Sean had him show him those low hangers right away. Carl is what you most definitely call horse hung. Carl does construction work. He builds houses! Don’t your balls get in the way? Yeah, he said, I have to do a lot of adjusting, the other guys give me a hard time about it. We bet they do!

Carl has a couple of girlfriends. Lucky girls. He says they like his big dick….(hmmm that’s a easy one.) Carl is a little kinky and likes some bondage and prostate massages. He loves to fuck a girl in the ass. He says the girls like it lol. Well, like we said, lucky girls… we hope Sean will convince him to come back and try a few new things for us! Enjoy.

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 Click here to see the free XXX Sean Cody Tour



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