Introducing Dylan Hunter A Exclusive!

Dylan Hunter was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. And a silver set of dumb bells in his hands. Used to only the best, we felt honored when Dylan contacted us asking if he could… "audition" to model for us. We jumped at the chance and quickly found out that he was a little rebel who wanted to show his dad that he could live his life his way.

He’s used to being the center of attention and always has girls falling all over themselves just to talk to him. We asked Dylan for a few tips on picking up ladies. His advice? "Ignore them. If they think you aren’t impressed, then they’re like putty in your hands." Lucky for Dylan he isn’t impressed with anyone. We don’t mind though. We’re impressed enough for two.

Stay tuned for much more of Dylan

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             Carlos Botero & Ryan Ortego   Gilberto Nestore & Andy Travers


 Angel Cordoba & Manuel Melia

  Carlos Botero & Ryan Ortego  

Another hugely-dicked, hot-muscled Dynamite Classic stars is the compact, built for action, tough Carlos Botero. In the membership section Carlos’s best scenes – including his duo jo with Ryan Ortega – have been completely remastered in 23 new clips and 10 long play scenes! Watch for Carlos’ classic videos, all re-edited and remastered from the original footage, now available in DVD!

Gilberto Nestore & Andy Travers 

We know how you luuuv sweaty hot wrestling – and particularly when one muscleman has the slight edge over his opponent.’s Gilberto Nestore joins the MH fold with gym buddy Andy Travers. Multiple scenes show Gilberto self-admiring into a hot mirror jo, his workout with Andy, and Andy’s self-worship, leading to their wrestling scenes – and wrapping up with a hot dip in a penthouse jacuzzi and more jo!

Angel Cordoba & Manuel Melia 

 Late night at the raw gym in the inner city, and two of the prettiest and toughest muscleboys you’d ever hope to meet just happen to arrive at the same time for their workouts. Manuel’s been hoping to grab a few moments with Angel for months now, and he’s puppydog eager to get together, but doesn’t want to show it. Angel, ripped and huge, is into his workout and seems to pay no notice – at least at first! Soon enough though both boys spy the other’s sensational glutes, and the action begins!

Rocco Martin Only At

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen Rocco grow – from a Muscle Puppy to a full fledged and huge Muscle Hunk. Now you can talk to him Live, only at He couldn’t have
agreed more.

See Rocco Now Only at


Ali Galani Only At 

 We want to welcome hot, hung muscle stud Ali Galani to Ali’s spectacular glutes have to be seen to be fully savored! Watch for this amazing Butt Man’s upcoming debut on!

 See Ali Now Only at


Laurent Le Gros Only At 

22 year old French born Laurent Le Gros is one big kid. With a big round bubble butt, abs to die for – and sheer, huge all over size, Laurent is one to watch! C’est Magnifique!

 See  Laurent Now Only at



 Felipe Gigante At

 Palacio Musculoso Eyefiller MuscleHunk Felipe Gigante is just packed with muscle over every inch of his body. Taking time out from his buddies at Carnaval, he gets  playful with us, bringing out a full-length mirror – the better to admire his massive physique. Soon his rich thick tool is in his hands and he’s ready to stroke that meat for all his fans to see!

 See Felipe Only At


Guilherme Lingua At

More muscle gym jo fantasy! Tough, quiet middleweight competitor Guilherme Lingua is working out late after closing time, and soon he’s distracted by thoughts of buddy Hernando Guitterez. Hernando and he pose together, take to the streets together, and even have tried out a little capoeira together.

See Guilherme Only At

See Ricky Wollensky Only At

Blond bubble-buttedmusclepup alert!20-year old Ricky Wollensky just loves to pump his big boyish muscles at the gym, dreams of Championships in his head. Thing is, the gym makes him sooo hot to play. Maybe it’s all those pictures of musclemen on the walls? Ricky is sort of shy when it comes to talking, true,but his workouts are killer(just check out those squats)and once the gym is closed,he’s been known to stay behind!But that’s not all – Ricky shows it all for our cameras with two explicit scenes!

 See Ricky Only At