Italian Muscle God Johnny Carrera!!



Nothing Like Johnny Carrer on Those Free Tube Sites!

Johnny Carrer is graced with a face of an angel. His big, slightly startled eyes are rimmed with thick black lashes. He sports a crown of lustrously healthy, thick black hair. He's young – oh, he's so young – and tall, long, lean, and tawny. His powerful young muscles pulse with a roadmap of vascularity, his lats flare like the wings of a bird of prey, and his strong young butt is supple, round, and firm. He's hung magnificently. And he's a terrible painter, sloppily daubing touch-ups on our walls of our Bubblegum Princess Pink storeroom. However, we chose this questionable color because, truthfully, the close-to-perfect dark-eyed Johnny Carrera looks fantastic against it.


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