Scene 1 – Jack Dragon tops Max Summers


After a day of exploring the city together, muscle-studs Jack Dragon and Max Summer arrive at home horny and hungry for a more intimate kind of exploration. Once they are finally alone they go at it with a frenzy, stripping down, kissing and man-handling each other with a Man Hungry appetite.

Max hits his knees and indulges himself with greedy mouthfuls of Jack’s rock hard uncut cock. Slurping, stroking and deep throating it to the hilt, Max shows his love for giving head to such a beautiful uncut tool.

After enjoying the oral attention, Jack turns his attention toMax’s sweet muscled ass. Pushing his playmate back on the couch, Jack lifts those legs and spreads those cheeks. He works his way from rimming and probing that tight hole to slurping and sucking that thick swollen cock. Rock hard and ready to fuck, Jack steps up and drives his cock deep into that ready and willing hole. Right out of the gate it’s a fast and furious, ass-pounding fuck. Max takes it long and hard, in every ass splitting position Jack puts him in. Drilling and pounding as deep and as hard as he can with every thrust, Jack power-fucks that ass.

Faster and harder, the moans fill the room as Jack gushes out a drenching load. Sweat and cum fly, landing in splatters across Max’s used ass. Soaked in cum and ready to blow, Max hammers out a nut busting load. For a Man Hungry appetite, a good hard fuck sure does satisfy.

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