Cruising Miami With JR

On The BaitBus

Todays update includes  cruising around Miami with Jr. He says he is the #1 fan of 'The Bus" and wants  the 'Bus' to pick him up a straight dude. The guys on the bus hit up downtown and spot a good looking guy, they manage to get Aaron on the bus convincing him its only for a documentary on Miami.  Little did he know he was going to be getting his dick wet by Jr's mouth. Once the blind fold came off, the mood changed and Aaron was pretty ticked.  Well the guys  shot him a few figures and he quickly changed his attitude and took it out with a hard boner on our hungry Jr. 

See How Easy Straight Boys Really Are

Bait Bus is back out on the beautiful streets of Miami. Again! Looking for some action.  A new guy is filmed each week, for five years now. Check it out.

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