Liev Big Intimidating Naked Str8 Guy


Liev is a walking contradiction, but in a good way. When Sean first met him, he actually almost banged the door out of the wall when he knocked. It was actually a bit intimidating! Sean wondered why he didn’t just use the door bell?  No problem. This big "intimidating" man was actually one of the sweetest guys with a gorgeous uncut cock, perfect body (great calves by the way), and adorable face!

"Have you ever had any bi-curious experiences?" "Yeah. I’ve had a few…farthest I’ve gone, I kissed a dude. I told my buddy, he said one of his friends is gay and he’ll ‘test’ me out. So…"

So that conversation seemed to be getting him excited again, and his cock was starting to bulge through his shorts. He was ready to get off! YUM!


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