Lucas & Cain Tag Travis At CorbinFisher!

This scene was so epic, it should have called it “Fuck of the Titans,” or “Cum With The Wind!” CF has had requests to see Travis get tagged again. No surprises there – he’s amazing at what he does. And who isn’t waiting to see him give us another hands-free cum shot?

Dark-haired bodybuilder Cain and and golden boy Lucas are two of the best tops ever on CF.  Travis’ appetite for sex always excites the room. Cain and Lucas both bring such a dominant energy to their fucking. The mix instantly triggered the passion between them. All three guys are immediately all over each other, kissing and rubbing.

Seeing Travis ride Cain’s cock in a reverse-cowgirl position, Cain jerking Travis’s head back by the hair and Lucas kissing and pinching Travis’ nipple is a erotically primal scene. Cain’s a caveman and he has a big club!  Lucas sprays first across Travis’ open mouth then Cain shoots four long jets of cum from the opposite direction, finishing up Travis’ double facial. Cain and Lucas high five after kissing Travis and head out to get cleaned up after a hard afternoon’s work!

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