Rogan’s Crew: Episode 1

Starring Rogan Richards And Donato Reyes



Rogan is back on Menatplay this week as fiery as ever! In this hot scene, Rogan shows off his amazing topping skills. Full of frustration after a difficult morning filming 'The Rogan Show' Rogan storms off to get a stiff drink in his dressing room. When he finds Donato Reyes in his room his frustration is taken out on him. He is a very demanding man and although he appears to be abusing his celebrity status his under dog assistant Donato doesn’t seem to mind at all! His cock is not going to suck itself, soRogan shoves it down Donato’s throat and fucks his face. And after Rogan has pushed his tongue deep into Donato's amazing bubble butt he gives power bottom Donato the fuck of his life…Rogan seems to be on a quest to destroy his hole completely! Who will Rogan take advantage of next ? Watch out for episode 2 soon!

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